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Which modules and their firmware versions are released for PCS 7?

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The following manuals give an overview of which modules are released for which versions of PCS 7.

A separate manual is available for each SIMATIC PCS 7 version and each service pack
for the released modules (e.g. "SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Released modules (V9.0 SP2)").

The individual manuals can be found in the technical documentation for SIMATIC PCS 7: Technical documentation SIMATIC PCS 7

  1. Select the software version you are using via the registers.
  2. Click on the topic "SIMATICS PCS 7 System Documentation".
  3. Select the manual "Released modules".
If other modules have been released with a service pack (SP) of a PCS 7 version, this is documented in the "Readme" file for that service pack.

Detailed information on the released modules
Detailed information on the released modules, e.g. the ET 200SP HA decentralized peripherals
and ET 200M or the automation systems S7-400 and S7-300 can be found in the section "Hardware Manuals" of the respective SIMATIC PCS 7 version: Technical documentation SIMATIC PCS 7

Reading out the firmware version
You can determine the current firmware version of your module in the SIMATIC Manager or in the HW Config through the menu:
"PLC > Diagnostics/Settings > Module Status" or "PLC > Module Status". You must select the module required beforehand. In the hardware configuration, you can use this function to determine all the modules with loadable firmware (including I/O modules).

Fig.01 Module information
The current firmware versions with a description of how to update the S7-400 CPUs are available in Entry ID 40945038

The current firmware versions for upgrading CP 443-1 can be found in the following table:  

CP used Link
Firmware updates for CP 443-1  CP443-1 firmware update *)
Firmware updates for CP 443-5 Extended  CP443-5 Extended firmware update *)
Table 02
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Detailed information on upgrading and determining modules can be found in the manual "Service support and diagnostics", in the chapters "Hardware update" and "Diagnostics in PCS 7".
The manuals are also available in the "SIMATIC PCS 7 System Documentation" section of the Technical Documentation for
SIMATIC PCS 7: Technical documentation SIMATIC PCS 7

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