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How resistant to chemicals are the SIMATIC HMI operator panels and Industrial PCs?

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This entry gives you information about the chemical resistance of the fronts/surfaces of our SIMATIC HMI operator panels.

The PDF file lists all the devices whose fronts1) have been tested and whose fronts1) have the same properties as reference devices.
1) Fronts consist of the decor foil, plastic, seal and touch foil (on Touch devices).

Device_List_e.pdf (21.0 KB)

1. Test conditions and type of chemical substances
The chemical substances tested and the test conditions are listed below. The test pieces were coated once with the media.

Test media and test conditions:
No. Medium Temp.
1 Honing oil Castrol Honilo 981 50 72
2 Premium-grade gasoline 20 72
3 Diesel oil 20 72
4 Rape oil 50 72
5 Linseed oil 20 72
6 Hydrochloric acid 10% 20 1)
7 Sidolin streak-free 20 72
8 Caustic soda solution 10% 20 1)
9 Ethyl alcohol 20 72
10 Benzine HAKU 20 72
11 Solvent (alkaline) 20 72
12 Acetone 20 72
13 Brake fluid DOT 4 50 72
14 H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) 10% 20 72

1) 10 cycles over a total period of 72 hours: spray on, then leave to dry.

2. Chemical resistance of fronts
The following chemical substances are to be classed according to the following table:

No. Medium Test result
1 Honing oil Castrol Honilo 981 No recognizable change.
2 Premium-grade gasoline No recognizable change.
3 Diesel oil No recognizable change.
4 Rape oil No recognizable change.
5 Linseed oil No recognizable change.
6 Hydrochloric acid 10% Test piece shows signs of discoloration.
7 Sidolin streak-free No recognizable change.
8 Caustic soda solution 10% Test piece shows signs of discoloration.
9 Ethyl alcohol No recognizable change.
10 Benzine HAKU No recognizable change.
11 Solvent (alkaline) No recognizable change.
12 Acetone Test piece shows signs of discoloration.
13 Brake fluid DOT 4 No recognizable change.
14 H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) 10% No recognizable change.

Adhesives do not have a long-term resistance to aggressive oils, cleaning agents and solutions.

3. Single gas test in compliance with DIN EN 60068-2-42

Only the fronts1) were tested, not the complete devices.
1) Fronts consist of decor foil, plastic, seal and touch foil (on Touch devices).

Test gasSO2
Concentration25 ppm
Temperature25 °C
Rel. humidity 75%
Test duration10 days
Test resultNo recognizable change.

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