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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 40466415, Entry date: 01/14/2010

Product Discontinuation and Total Discontinuation of SIMATIC HMI Accessories

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The list of SIMATIC HMI accessories has been revised. As a result, the delivery status of various products is changing. A current list of the HMI accessories can be viewed in an Excel file. By means of filter functions, selections and searches according to various criteria can be performed.

Please note that - due to changed prices by suppliers or last-time purchases - price changes may arise, which become effective 04/01/2010.

For each SIMATIC HMI Panel, the necessary accessories are available until the end of the product lifecycle. The accessories for all SIMATIC HMI Panels are listed in the hardcopy and electronic media, such as the ST80 catalog, or at the Mall in a separate chapter. 

On the key dates 04/01/2010 and 10/01/2010, various accessories will be totally discontinued. For HMI accessories, this also means the end of the product lifecycle.

A complete overview of all affected SIMATIC HMI accessory components is available in the form of a downloadable ( 293 KB ) Excel file. 

Technical data and current milestones can be found in the Service & Support section.

The product lifecycle can be viewed in this PDF file ( 503 KB ) .

Should you have further questions regarding the changeover or replacement of our SIMATIC HMI accessories, our contact persons will be glad to assist you.

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