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How do I order a SITRANS FX300 Vortex flowmeter?

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How do I order a SITRANS FX300 Vortex flowmeter?


In order to enable the application specific data processing, SITRANS FX300 is programmed from factory with data entered by you during ordering. This makes ordering a Vortex flowmeter different from other ordering processes.

The SITRANS F X meter is ordered as follows:

  1. Start up the order by choosing the right size of meter by using the sizing tool.
    (Go to https://pia-portal.automation.siemens.com/default.htm; select language; select the “Sizing” tab; click on “Start -> Flow -> SITRANS F X sizing” and install the program).

  2. Enter the PIA-Selector and configure the right MLFB code

  3. Carefully enter the Y option fields by filling in the input process data including the units.

Y40-Y45 has to be filled out in order to start up an order:


Input data



Specify the medium: steam, gas or liquid

Steam (superheated)


Specify the max operating temperature, limit is: -40…+240°C [-40…+464°F]



Specify the max operating pressure, limit of media pressure is max. 100 bar

10 Bar g


Specify the density (if non std. / unknown medium)

5,10469 kg/m³


Specify the Viscosity (if non std. / unknown medium)

0,0167287 mPa.s


Specify the max flow-rate.
Run the calculation, select the suitable selections (green) and check the sizing results if the selection matches your min. flow range as well

Max. Flowrate = 500 kg/h

See an example of filled out Y option fields in attached image.

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