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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 40556214, Entry date: 07/30/2013

Data Synchronization with S7 Communication between several S7-1200 Substations and one S7-1500/300 Head PLC

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A cyclic communication is often required for synchronization tasks and exchanging control and status information between a head-end station (here client) and several distributed substations (here server) via Industrial Ethernet.
The following points shall be realized:

  • Supplying all field controllers with the same or differend data records from the head-end station.
  • Updating the data records from all substations in the head-end station.

In an application example, the solution provides a modular STEP 7 V 12 program for the synchronization between head-end and substations. The employed hardware components are S7-1200 CPUs in the substations, and an S7-1500 or alternatively an S7-300 CPU in the head-end station. The program offers the following functionalities:

  • Supplying the substations (servers) with data records defined by the user (write synchronization).
  • Updating defined data records from the substations (servers) with the client head-end station (client) (read synchronization).
  • Optional clock synchronization from the head-end station (client) to the servers.

The solution introduced here offers you the following advantages:

  • Simple changes of size and storage location of the data areas to be synchronized in the example project..
  • Scalable project for application of less or more than four substations.
  • Modular program setup. Both synchronization directions are encapsulated completely in function blocks and can be used separately in your applications.
  • In the example program, some measurements for the transfer time were generated which help you estimate your synchronization time.


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Consistent Data Synchronization with S7 Communication between several Substations and one Head-end Station
40556214_S7-Komm_Sync_DOKU_V2_0_en.pdf ( 2773 KB )
STEP 7 project (SIMATIC STEP 7 V12)
40556214_S7-Comm_Sync_CODE_v2_0.zip ( 2792 KB )

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High-performance data synchronization between multiple S7-1200-based field devices and an S7-1200 or a PC-based head PLC via flexibly configurable communication (Set 17) Entry ID:

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Last Changes
Cancellation of the task with open communication and T blocks.

more flexlible design of the program with S7 communication: selectable synchronization areas.

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Central station, field station, data concentratorsynchronization

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