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SINAMICS S: Positioning of a S110 using S7-1200 (TIA-Portal) with USS®-Protocol (CE-X9)

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A synchronous motor that is connected with a servo drive type SINAMICS S110 is to be positioned via the CM1241 (RS485) communication module of a S7-1200 controller (CPU1214C). Communication between controller and servo drive will be performed by USS protocol. Operation and visualization takes place via a KTP600 touch panel which is to be connected via an Ethernet connection to the S7-1200 controller. STEP 7 Basic V10.5 is used as configuration tool for the control program and the HMI. The servo drive is configured using the STARTER startup tool. The task consists of the following scenarios:

  • moving the motor in jog mode
  • referencing
  • absolute and relative positioning
  • moving the motor according to defined motion profiles

In order to position the motor, setpoint position and the setpoint velocity have to be transferred via the USS protocol to SINAMICS S110, as well as various command bits. SINAMICS S110 will then independently control the positioning or moving of the motor. The SINAMICS S110 will give a feedback to the controller on the various status bits, the actual position the actual velocity and also of error messages.  

Figure 01

Startup Code
For the startup we offer you software examples with test code and test parameters as download. These software examples support you in the first steps and tests of the configuration examples. They enable a quick test of hardware and software interfaces of the products described in the configuration example.


Content of the downloads


Configuration Example documentation ConfigurationExample_x9_S7-1200_S110_V1d0_en.pdf ( 3089 KB )
Startup Code V1.1 with control program for CPU 1214C and HMI project for KTP600 (STEP 7 Basic V10.5) CE_x9_S7-1200_v1d1.zip ( 1465 KB )
Project example V1.0 for SINAMICS S110 (STARTER v4.1 SP5 HF1) CE_x9_STARTER_v1d0.zip ( 1103 KB )
User value list V1.0 for STARTER (for interconnection of USS-telegram) CE_x9_UserValueList.zip ( 4 KB )


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S7-1200 manual 36932465
Description of the USS Protocol 24178253
Configuration Example X11 - Distributed speed control with S7-1200 and SINAMICS G110 40157517
In TIA Portal V11, how do you update library blocks after converting a STEP 7 V10.5 project? 59421832

Last Changes

  • Add link to FAQ "How to update (USS) library blocks after converting the STEP 7 Basic V10.5 project to STEP 7 V11"
  • Programm code adaptation to convert from STEP 7 Basic V10.5 to STEP 7 V11

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