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Wireless Signalling and Switching per SMS with S7-1200 controller (Set 25)

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A GSM modem SINAUT MD720-3 is to be linked with a SIMATIC S7-1200 controller. With the aid of the modem messages (SMS) can be sent to mobilephones or other Remote Stations. Receiving SMS is also possible.

Fig. 01

In order to better illustrate the necessary functions and features of this application, a rainwater retention basin is assumed as example. Measures for efficient maintenance should be taken for optimizing plant availability and efficiency. Alarm messages for instance in case of malfunction of the lock should be sent to the service personnel as an SMS message via this GSM modem. Following use cases are considered.

This configuration example CE-X25 helps to solve the tasks displayed. The focus is on the library blocks which enable SMS-Sending and SMS-Receiving.

Fig. 02


Content of the downloads


Library description on the Configuration Example X25 (Documentation for the implemented STEP 7 V11 library) 40616248_LibraryDescription_S7-1200_SMS_DOKU_V12_e.pdf ( 726 KB )
Library for STEP 7 Basic V11
Containing also the outdated library based on STEP 7 V10.5 
CE-X25_S7-1200_SMS_library.zip ( 1141 KB )
Configuration Example X25 (Documentation based on the Startup-Code) 40616248_ConfigurationExample_S7-1200_SMS_DOKU_V12_e.pdf ( 870 KB )
Startup-Code (Project file for STEP 7 V11)
Containing also the outdated project file based on STEP 7 V10.5
CE-X25_StartupProject.zip ( 5007 KB )

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