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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4123310, Entry date: 08/27/1996

Supply and Manufacture of the SPM ASIC to Be Discontinued

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Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.:                                    


6ES5 753-2AB11   Small package of 5 each                                    

6ES5 753-2AB21   Single tray of 15 each                                     

6ES5 753-2AB31   Tray box of 150 each                                       

6ES5 753-2AB41   Tray box of 4500 each                                      

6ES5 753-2AB51   Tray box of 9750 each                                      

6ES5 998-2DF11   German manual                                              

6ES5 998-2DF21   English manual                                             



Manufacture and supply of the SPM ASIC will be discontinued as              

per the end of December 1996.                                               


The PROFIBUS SPM ASIC is designed for simple field devices, such            

as I/O stations. It was one of the first field bus ASICs for                

PROFIBUS and does not meet the subsequently introduced PROFIBUS-            

DP Standard. The new SPM2 ASIC that conforms to the standard has            

been available for the past year and has the same number of I/O             



In view of the fact that the ET 200 distributed I/O system has              

been converted to the Standard and SIMATIC S7 supports only stan-           

dard PROFIBUS DP devices, sales of the SPM ASIC will be discon-             

tinued as per the end of Dec. '96.                                          


Last orders can be placed until that date.                                  




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