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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4124456, Entry date: 08/27/1996

COM ET 200 V2.0 - Product Information

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Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.:                                    


6ES5 895-6SE12   COM ET 200 Windows with manual, German                     

6ES5 095-8ME01   S5-95U mini PLC, L2-DP master                              

6ES5 998-3ES12   ET 200 manual, German                                      




If the COM ET 200 Windows V2.0 is installed on a PG 740/760                 

Pentium with Windows '95 operating system and the usual default             

settings, no download function to an S5-95U DP master will be               

possible. In the case of PG 740/760 Pentium programming devices             

the address area for the MPI interface within the CONFIG.SYS is             

not excluded and IRQ=5 is set. If you want to use the MPI inter-            

face for downloading, please alter the settings as follows:                 


- Open the file L2PC_ _DRV.INI in the directory ÖCOMWIN20Ö                  



- Search for the parameter IrqNr=.. in the parameter block                  

  ÄMPI_ _1Ü. The MPI card accepts the interrupts 10, 11, 12 and             

  15 in conjunction with the COM ET 200; from this group, enter             

  a free interrupt of your PC system. To determine a free inter-            

  rupt, help can be sought in the Hints for the DP Card in the              

  program group COM ET 200.                                                 


- Search for the parameter PhyAdr=.. within the parameter                   

  block ÄMPI_ _1Ü and set the address of the MPI card there.                

  To determine the real address, seek help once again in the                

  Hints for the DP Card in the program group COM ET 200.                    

  Close the file.                                                           


- Open the file CONFIG.SYS in the root directory.                           


- Search for the entry                                                      

  DEVICE = C:ÖDOSÖEMM386.exe noems X=... I=...                              

  Exclude the memory area that your MPI card occupies. Example:             

  Your card is located in the area 0xC800; exlude this area by              

  carrying out the following extensions:                                    

  DEVICE = C:ÖDOSÖEMM386.exe noems X=... X=C800-C8FF. Take care             

  that this area is not included in the same line by i=...                  


- Close the file and carry out a restart, so that the changes               

  become effective.                                                         


With version 2.1 of the COM ET 200 Windows (see User Info 96/14             

/012), these settings are carried out by the installation rou-              

tine of the COM.                                                            




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