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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4125020, Entry date: 08/27/1996

Problem with ProFuzzy, Version 1.0

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Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.:                                    


6ES5 834-3MG.1   Profuzzy                                                   

6ES5 840-6FB.1   Compact fuzzy control                                      




The problem occurs, when a fuzzy project has been stored in the             

CPU already and the membership functions of an input or output              

are shifted relative to one another, such that the sequence of              

the membership functions changes.                                           


Due to the problem, the rules base is not loaded into the CPU in            

the case of the renewed transfer of the project, although it has            

been changed in the course of sorting. As a result, there may be            

a completely wrong rules base in the CPU that leads to erroneous            

output values. However, the correct fuzzy project is still                  

loaded on the PG/PC.                                                        


Provisional remedy:                                                         


The data are transferred to the PLC correctly if you maintain               

the following sequence:                                                     


"Write file" - "Read file" - "Transfer".                                    



We shall inform you as soon as the above problem has been                   





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