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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4127792, Entry date: 08/27/1996


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Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.:                                    


6ES5 886-2WS01   PRODAVE WIN DDE for S5                                     

6ES5 886-2MP01   PRODAVE DOS 511 V3.1 for PG 7xx                            

6ES5 886-2MS01   Toolbox PRODAVE NET                                        

6ES5 886-2WP01   PRODAVE WIN 511 for PG 7xx                                 

6ES5 886-2WQ01   PRODAVE WIN 511 for PG 7xx                                 

6ES5 897-2UD11   Toolbox PRODAVE DOS 64R for PCs                            

6ES5 897-2UD21   Toolbox PRODAVE DOS 64R for PCs                            

6ES5 897-2UD31   Toolbox PRODAVE DOS 64R for PCs                            

6ES5 897-2UD41   Toolbox PRODAVE DOS 64R for PCs                            

6ES5 897-2VD01   PRODAVE WIN 64R for PCs                                    




PRODAVE WIN DDE is a new version of PRODAVE.                                

The PRODAVE DDE server permits MS-Windows applications to be                

integrated in automation tasks. The DDE access mechanism of                 

Windows permits on-line reading or writing of process variables.            

The user can integrate standard applications (e.g. MS-Excel) into           

automation tasks and in this way drastically cut the cost of                

software generation.                                                        


A large number of software packages based on MS-Windows are                 

available for PCs. The range includes tools for word processing,            

statistics, spreadsheets, process visualization and production              



Most standard programs use a macro language to exchange data with           

other programs via the DDE mechanism. This permits customized MS-           

Windows applications that were implemented in any programming               

language to be included in automation tasks.                                


_Hardware prerequisites for PCs and PGs:_                                   


Microprocessor:   At least 80386                                            

Main memory:      4 Mbytes (8 Mbytes recommended)                           

Hard disk:        At least 1.5 Mbytes free                                  


_Software prerequisites:_                                                   


MS-Windows 3.1 or MS-Windows for Workgroups 3.11 operating                  

system (extended mode).                                                     


_Connection to SIMATIC S5 U-range PLCs:_                                    


To all PLCs via the programmer interface (AS 511).                          

To the CP 525/524 computer link module (RK 512).                            


As for the other PRODAVE products, the PG-MUX (multiplexer) and             

the TK 858 Teleservice unit are also supported.                             



PRODAVE WIN DDE is capable of serving up to four serial inter-              

faces, i.e. up to four programmable controllers can be connected.           


_Access to data in the PLC:_                                                


PRODAVE WIN DDE supports two addressing methods for the accessing           

of data blocks, inputs, outputs, timers, counters and flags:                


- Symbolic addressing (access via the names of variables)                   

- Absolute addressing (access via specification of the address)             


The software package is supplied on 3 1/2" diskette in English              

and German and includes an example for the communication with               

MS-Excel. The English version of the manual is under preparation.           


Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer any           

further questions you may have.                                             




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