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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4128967, Entry date: 08/27/1996

Upgrading of Existing PG 7xx Programming Devices

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Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.:                                    


6EA1 710-2DA11-0AA1   PG 710 Plus / STEP 5/ST  (5 languages)                

6EA1 710-3DA11-0AA1   PG 710 Economy for mini PLCs                          

6EA1 720-0AB00-0YA0   PG 720 8 MBytes, 250 MBytes  (5 lang.)                

6EA1 720-1AB00-0YB0   PG 720C 8 MBytes, 250 MBytes (5 lang.)                

6EA1 730-0BA00-0AA1   PG 730  80386, 105 MBytes (5 lang.)                   

6EA1 730-0BA01-0AA1   PG 730C 80386, 105 MBytes (5 lang.)                   

6EA1 730-0BA11-0BA1   PG 730C 80386, 105 MBytes (5 lang.)                   

6EA1 740-0AA00-0YA0   PG 740  80486 DX2-66      (5 lang.)                   

6EA1 750-2AG01-0AA1   PG 750  80486, 105 MBytes (5 lang.)                   

6EA1 760-1AA00-0YA0   PG 760 (5 lang.)                                      

6EA1 770-2AA01-0AA1   PG 770-486 Economy STEP 5/ST (5 lang.)                

6EA1 770-4CA02-0CA1   PG 770 (5 lang.)                                      


Today's PG and PC software requires increasingly more powerful              

programming devices. Depending on his needs, the user can decide            

to increase the working memory, install a higher capacity hard              

disk (or an additional one), or to install other special hard-              

ware that will improve the functionality of his programming                 



Whether or not such a modification is feasible must be decided              

on an individual basis. Your SIMATIC contact or the service engi-           

neer at your local Siemens office will be happy to provide advice           

(a list of contacts can be found in SIMATIC Info 95/     ).                 

In general, it is technically possible to upgrade the hardware              

of the above-listed programming devices.                                    


The programming devices can also be upgraded for the programming            

of SIMATIC S7 PLCs. The STEP 7 programming software necessitates            

the following basic configuration of the hardware:                          



        Minimum:        INTEL 80386 SX or DX                                

        Recommended:    INTEL 80486 SX or DX                                


        _Please note:_                                                      

        STEP 7 will only execute on systems with an 80486 micro-            

        processor (or better) with a satisfactory speed. The                

        S7 software will execute on 80386 systems in principle,             

        but the performance is very low, so that we discourage              

        the upgrading of such units for S7.                                 


Working memory:     Min. 8 Mbytes, recommended: 16 MBytes                   

Hard disk:          STEP 7 memory requirements: approx. 50 MBytes           

                    STEP 7 + Word f.W. 3.11:    approx. 80 MBytes           

On-line interface:  MPI/PPI                                                 

Programming interface:  For SIMATIC Memory Cards                            


Please also note that for reasons of warranty the installation              

of hard disks may only be carried out by an authorized Siemens              

Service and Maintenance Centre.                                             



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