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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4129267, Entry date: 08/27/1996

New Front Connectors for S5-95U/F PLCs and I/Os

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Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.:                                    


6ES5 490-8MA12   Front connector for S5-100U/-95U, old                      

6ES5 490-8MA13   Front connector for S5-100U/-95U/-95F, new                 

6ES5 490-8MA02   Front connector for S5-100U/-95U, old                      

6ES5 490-8MA03   Front connector for S5-100U/-95U/-95F, new                 

6ES5 490-8MB11   Front connector for S5-100U/-95U                           

6ES5 490-8FB11   Front connector for S5-100U/-95U/-95F, new                 

6ES5 490-8MB21   Front connector for S5-100U                                




The front connectors for screw connection and for crimp contacts            

are now available with improved EMC.                                        


Front connector:      Previous:               New:                          


40-pin crimp          6ES5 490-8MA12          6ES5 490-8MA13  *)            

with contacts                                                               


40-pin crimp          6ES5 490-8MA02          6ES5 490-8MA03  *)            

without contacts                                                            


40-pin screw          6ES5 490-8MB11          6ES5 490-8MB11                

with contacts                                 6ES5 490-8FB11  *)            


20-pin screw          6ES5 490-8MB21          6ES5 490-8MB21                


*) Improved EMC, i.e. the design of the connectors has been                 

   changed such, that an electrostatic discharge at a connector             

   will not influence the connected unit.                                   



The new connectors have already been included in the 1995 ST 50             





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