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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 41310902, Entry date: 02/23/2010

Configuration Package V5.03.06 for FM 357-2 Released for Delivery

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A new configuration package for the FM 357-2 module with version 5.03.06 is available. This version now also supports Windows Vista 32-Bit Ultimate and Windows Vista-32 Bit Business and corrects a few small problems. Existing versions need not be upgraded. The configuration package is supplied together with the firmware and cannot be ordered separately. Firmware and configuration package are available for downloading.

The configuration package V5.03.06 is supplied together with the firmware and has no separate order no.. Both the firmware and the configuration package are available for downloading via our Customer Support (see entry ID: 41299239).

The firmware and the configuration package remain available under the same order no.'s as before:


FM 357-2 L Firmware and configuration package (G, E, F, I)


FM 357-2 LX Firmware and configuration package (G, E ,F, I))


FM 357-2 H Firmware and configuration package (G, E, F, I))

The configuration package is multilingual in German, English, French and Italian. In addition to the parametrization software, the standard function blocks and the OP examples the supply includes a "Getting Started" leaflet (also available under entry ID 2698344) and the electronic user manual (both in PDF format). An archive with older firmware versions plus the associated function blocks is also included on the CD.

The user manuals are also available separately in printed form under the following order no.'s (edition 11/2008):


User manual for FM 357-2 (German)


User manual forFM 357-2 (English)


User manual forFM 357-2 (French)


User manual forFM 357-2 (Italian)

The new version V5.03.06 of the configuration package features the following changes / corrections:

  • Adaptation for Windows Vista 32-Bit Ultimate and Windows Vista 32-Bit Business
  • Conversion to use under User Account
  • Updated online help system for blocks (added functions)

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