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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4132309, Entry date: 08/27/1996

New PRODAVE WIN 64R Version

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Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.:                                    


6ES5 897-2VD01   PRODAVE WIN 64R for PCs                                    

6ES5 886-2FP01   PRODAVE FLX 511 for PG 7xx                                 

6ES5 886-2MP01   PRODAVE DOS 511 V3.1 for PG 7xx                            

6ES5 886-2MQ01   PRODAVE DOS 580 for PG 7xx                                 

6ES5 886-2WP01   PRODAVE WIN 511 for PG 7xx                                 

6ES5 886-2WQ01   PRODAVE WIN 511 for PG 7xx                                 

6ES5 886-2MS01   PRODAVE NET toolbox                                        

6ES5 897-2UD.1   PRODAVE DOS 64R toolbox for PCs                            




1. PRODAVE WIN64R                                                           


The new version 1.0 of the PRODAVE WIN 64R software is now avail-           

able. PRODAVE WIN 64R provides functions for the data exchange              

with SIMATIC S5 via RK512 standard computer link or 3964(R)                 





   - CPs and CPUs that are based on the 3964(R) protocol or the             

     RK512 standard computer link. These are e.g. CP 524/525,               

     CP 544, CPU 928B (RK512) and CP 523, CP 521 SI, CPU 944,               

     CPU 945 (3964R procedure).                                             

   - MS-DOS from version 3.x onward and WINDOWS V3.1.                       

   - PG7xx or AT compatible PC with 640 Kbytes main memory and              

     RS 232C (V.24)/TTY interface.                                          


_Overview of functions:_                                                    


   Functions for the data exchange with RK512:                              

   - Read output/input byte from the PLC.                                   

   - Read/write data words from/into a block (DB/DX).                       

   - Read/write data words with simultaneous conversion.                    

   - Read flag byte/word from PLC.                                          

   - Condition test of a flag (bit test).                                   

   - Read times/counts from PLC.                                            

   - Determine the receiving CPU No. in the case of RK512.                  

   - Determine the coordination flag in the case of RK512.                  

   - Provide and remove buffers in the PG/PC for FETCH/SEND                 

     functions of the CP in the case of RK512.                              


   Functions for the data transfer with 3964(R):                            

   - Transfer data from PG/PC to CP.                                        

   - Receive data from the CP in the PG/PC.                                 


   Functions for data handling:                                             

   - Byte conversion.                                                       

   - Format conversion of data.                                             



   Functions to set up and handle the toolbox:                              

   - Error text output for the error No.                                    

   - Initialize and de-initialize toolbox.                                  

   - Set the protocol parameters.                                           

   - Set the PG multiplexer interface.                                      

   - Set the PG/PC interface.                                               

   - Change the interrupt occupied by the toolbox.                          

   High-level language adapter:                                             

   - MICROSOFT C version 7.0 as library.                                    

   - BORLAND C version 3.1 as Dynamic Link Library.                         

   - BORLAND PASCAL 7.0 as a unit for Protected Mode and                    

     Windows Applications.                                                  


Scope of supply:   3 1/2" diskette and Manual in English and                



Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will be happy             

to provide further details, in particular prices and conditions             

for software licenses (single license, copying license and soft-            

ware maintenance contract).                                                 




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