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Entry type: Product note, Entry ID: 4132969, Entry date: 08/27/1996

New IP 252-MC Synchro Control Module

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Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.:                                    


6ES5 252-4DA11   IP 252MC synchro control module                            

6ES5 252-4DB11   IP 252MC synchro control module                            

6ES5 252-4DC11   IP 252MC synchro control module                            

6ES5 252-5AA11   IP 252MC basic board                                       

6ES5 252-5BA11   IP 252MC digital I/O board                                 

6ES5 252-5BB11   IP 252MC analog output board                               

6ES5 252-5BC11   IP 252MC incremental encoder board                         

6ES5 252-5BD11   IP 252MC absolute encoder board                            

6ES5 998-7DA11 IP 252MC Manual (German)                                     




The new IP 252-MC is a synchro-control module that is particu-              

larly suited for motion control tasks where a master-slave                  

response is required.                                                       


The IP 252-MC module together with SIMODRIVE drives now permits             

the following tasks to be solved:                                           


- Electronic gearbox.                                                       

- Conveyor synchronization.                                                 

- Electronic clutch.                                                        

- Electronic cam disc.                                                      



_Brief technical features:_                                                 


- One master axis and 3 slave axes per module.                              

- Up to 10 modules can be cascaded in one rack.                             

- Up to 30 slaves with one master.                                          

- Incremental and absolute encoders can be connected.                       

- Table interpolation:                                                      

  - Electronic simulation of a cam disc.                                    

  - Up to 1024 reference points per table.                                  

  - Linear interpolation between 2 reference points.                        

- Electronic clutch.                                                        

- Accurate coupling and decoupling.                                         

- No wear and tear.                                                         

- Can be used with gearbox and table interpolation.                         


Another option will follow in January 1995 with a digital signal            

processor (DSP). This will result in a significant performance              

increase (position-control time below 0.5ms).                               


Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer               

any further questions you may have.                                         




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