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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4139194, Entry date: 08/27/1996

Memory Submodules for S5-115U - New Revision Levels

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Concerns products with the Order Nos.:                                      


6ES5 375-0LD11   375 RAM submodule, 8 Kbyte                                 

6ES5 375-0LD21   375 RAM submodule, 8 Kbyte                                 

6ES5 941-7UB11   CPU 941B, 18 Kbyte                                         

6ES5 942-7UB11   CPU 942B, 42 Kbyte                                         




If the above CPUs are operated with the RAM submodules                      

375-0LD11/21 (revision levels A06 or A04), faulty program pro-              

cessing can occur.                                                          


_Description of the problem:_                                               


The CPU will sporadically enter STOP mode with various fault con-           

ditions. In this case the fault register displayed in the ISTACK            

is never identical with the STEP 5 operation stored in the RAM              



Only a few cases have occurred and only memory submodules with              

a specific combination of components are affected. The criti-               

cal components can be identified from their labels as follows:              


                       KM 6264...                                           

                       ...Y   KOREA                                         


The fault has been corrected with the new revision levels                   

A07 and A05.                                                                




If the fault occurs, return the memory submodules to your local             

Siemens office. Your SIMATIC contact will make the necessary                





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