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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4141182, Entry date: 08/27/1996

S5-95U Mini PLC with SINEC L2 Interface -

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_New Version with New Order No.           _                                 


Concerns products with the Order Nos.:                                      


6ES5 095-8MB.1   S5-95U mini PLC with SINEC L2 interface                    

6ES5 095-8MB.2   S5-95U mini PLC with SINEC L2 interface, new               




The S5-95U mini PLC with SINEC L2 interface is now available with           

a new version and under a new Order No. which replaces the pre-             

vious version. The basic unit and the version with a 2nd serial             

programmer port are not affected.                                           


Existing units cannot be upgraded.                                          


_Reason for the change:_                                                    


* Expanded user memory:                                                     

  From 16 Kbytes of which 8 Kbytes max. could be used for the               

  STEP 5 program                                                            

  to 16 Kbytes without restrictions.                                        


* Layer 2 services:                                                         

  In addition to the existing data transfer possibilities, i.e.             

  - Standard connection,                                                    

  - PLC to PLC,                                                             

  - Cyclic I/Os,                                                            

  a data transfer with layer 2 services is now possible. Layer 2            

  services are used for the communication between S5-95U and                

  PROFIBUS compatible units that do not provide one of the 3 data           

  transfer possibilities above.                                             


* Programmer function via SINEC L2:                                         

  The programmer function allows the S5-95U PLC to be programmed            

  and tested if it is installed as an active node in the LAN. The           

  SINEC L2 interface allows the same programmer functions as the            

  normal programmer interface.                                              


_Manual for the SINEC L2 interface of the S5-95U_                           


A revised manual is now available in German under the Order No.             

6ES5 998-8MB12. The chapters "Layer 2 Services" and "Programmer             

Functions Via SINEC L2" have been added.                                    


The English, French, Italian and Spanish editions will be                   

available by December, 1993.                                                




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