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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4163661, Entry date: 08/27/1996

OP 393-IIC - New Connection Feature and New Order No.

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Concerns products with the Order Nos.:                                      


6ES5 393-0UA13    OP 393-II C  (new)                                        

6ES5 393-0UA12    OP 393-II                                                 




_OP 393 in conjunction with the S5-90U and S5-95U Mini PLCs_                


The new S5-90U PLC can only deliver 0.3A of supply current at               

it's programmer interface. For this reason the OP 393-II has been           

converted to CMOS technology. The new designation is OP 393-IIC             

and the new Order No. is 6ES5 393-0UA13 (Product Version 1, Firm-           

ware Version 2.1).                                                          


The OP 393-IIC is fully compatible with the previous versions.              

Both units are identical in appearance, function and price. Only            

the components used differ, resulting in a lower current consump-           



The table below shows the possibilities for connecting the  two             

OP 393 versions to U series programmable controllers with cable             

lengths of up to 3m.                                                        

"Without" means:   No 984 cable adapter required                            

"With" means:      Connection only with a 984 cable adapter.                


Note: A 984 cable adapter is always required with cable lengths             

between 3m and 1000m!                                                       


     OP !  OP 393 /OP 393-II        !  OP 393-II                            

        !  (6ES5 393-0UA11/-0UA12)  !  (6ES5 393-0UA13)                     

PLC     !                           !                                       


S5-90U  !       With                !  Without                              

S5-95U  !       Without             !  Without                              

S5-100U !       Without             !  Without                              

S5-101U !       Without             !  Without                              

S5-115U !       Without             !  Without                              

S5-135U !       With                !  Without                              

S5-150U !       With                !  With                                 

S5-155U !       Not possible        !  Not possible                         



Your SIMATIC contact at the local Siemens office will answer                

any further questions you may have.                                         




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