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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 41737766, Entry date: 07/02/2010

SIRIUS Innovations Star-Delta (Wye-Delta) Combination Assembly and Wiring(CE-FE-III-013-V20-EN)

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This application example describes the assembly and connection of a star-delta (wye-delta) combination to a pump. The pump is additionally protected by a current monitoring relay. The current monitoring relay monitors the rms value of AC currents for any overshooting or undershooting of the set thresholds.

A star-delta (wye-delta) combination is required for the pump. The star-delta (wye-delta) combination is fully wired and mechanically connected.



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Documentation (German)  CE-FE-III-013-V20-DE.pdf ( 195 KB )
Documentation (English)  CE-FE-III-013-V20-EN.pdf ( 209 KB )


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