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"SIPLUS extreme - Now even stronger!" Delivery Release for the application from -1.000 to +5.000 meters of altitude

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The product line SIPLUS extreme offers from now on all components, except fail safe components, for application from -1.000 to +5.000 meters of altitude . These meets a working range of 1.080 hPa overpressure and 540 hPa low-pressure. SIPLUS extreme is the product line with refined components based on I IA/DT standard products.


Application area of SIPLUS extreme components:

environmental conditions  air pressure

1.080...795 hPa (-1.000 to +2.000m) no derating
795...658 hPa (+2.000 to +3.500m) derating 10 K of the maximum upper operating temperature
658...540 hPa (+3.500 to +5.000m) derating 20 K of the maximum upper operating temperature

For information of the SIPLUS products go to: www.siemens.com/siplus-extreme

For further questions, please contact your Siemens-branch office.

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