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Entry type: Product note, Entry ID: 4174355, Entry date: 08/27/1996

S5-DOS Programming Software - New Stage IV (Version 2.0)

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Concerns products with the Order Nos.:                                      


6ES5 685-0U.11  PG 685 I,  German (G), English (E), French (F)              

6ES5 685-0U.12  PG 685 II, G, E, F                                          

6ES5 635-0U.11  PG 635     G, E, F                                          

6ES5 896-0SA.1  S5-DOS STEP 5 Basic Pack. f. PC, 5.25" Disk.,               

                                                      G, E, F               

6ES5 894-0SA.1  S5-DOS STEP 5 Basic Pack. f. PC 3.5" Disk.,                 

                                                      G, E, F               

6ES5 866-0SA.1  S5-DOS Starter's Package, 5.25" Disk., G, E, F              

6ES5 864-0SA.1  S5-DOS Starter's Package, 3.5" Disk., G, E, F               



The new S5-DOS, stage IV (version 2.0), programming software                

is now available for PG 635, PG 685 and PG 695 programmers in               

German, English and French.                                                 


The performance of the PG software has been enhanced consider-              



- Program Generation.                                                       

  Additional functions for S5-155U.                                         

  Symbolics editing while entering the program.                             

  Direct switching between STL/LAD and CSF methods of represen-             



- Extended Symbolics Editor:                                                

  Making up into pages.                                                     

  Line comments can be freely entered.                                      

  Automatic generation of non-defined symbols.                              


- Enhanced Testing Functions:                                               

  Cross references on the screen in output mode.                            


_ Enhanced Enquiry Functions                                                


- Enhanced Documentation Functions                                          


- Enhanced Transfer Functions                                               


Contact your local Siemens office for further information.                  


An upgrade is available for your existing software (stage II or             

stage III) at a special price. To obtain the special price,                 

please specify the Serial No. or the Identification No. of your             

original software on your order.                                            


The Order Nos. of the upgrade software are as follows:                      


Unit:                Order No.:              Diskette Size:                 


PG 685 G             6ES5 885-0SA11OZ        5.25"                          

PG 685 E             6ES5 885-0SA21OZ        5.25"                          

PG 685 F             6ES5 885-0SA31OZ        5.25"                          

PG 635 G             6ES5 835-0SA11OZ        3.5"                           

PG 635 E             6ES5 835-0SA21OZ        3.5"                           

PG 635 F             6ES5 835-0SA31OZ        3.5"                           


STEP 5 Basic Package for PCs:                                               


Basic Package G      6ES5 896-0SA11OZ        5.25"                          

Basic Package E      6ES5 896-0SA21OZ        5.25"                          

Basic Package F      6ES5 896-0SA31OZ        5.25"                          


Basic Package G      6ES5 894-0SA11OZ        3.5"                           

Basic Package E      6ES5 894-0SA21OZ        3.5"                           

Basic Package F      6ES5 894-0SA31OZ        3.5"                           


STEP 5 Starter's Package for PCs:                                           


Starter's Package G  6ES5 866-0SA11OZ        5.25"                          

Starter's Package E  6ES5 866-0SA21OZ        5.25"                          

Starter's Package F  6ES5 866-0SA31OZ        5.25"                          


Starter's Package G  6ES5 864-0SA11OZ        3.5"                           

Starter's Package E  6ES5 864-0SA21OZ        3.5"                           

Starter's Package F  6ES5 864-0SA31OZ        3.5"                           



G = German                                                                  

E = English                                                                 

F = French