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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4174740, Entry date: 08/27/1996

IP 244 - New Product Version for Module and Standard FBs

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Concerns products with the following Order Nos.:                            


6ES5 244-3AA13    IP 244, Temperature Control Module                        

6ES5 842-.NA.1    IP 244, Std. FB for S5-135U/S Processor                   

6ES5 842-.NB.1    IP 244, Std. FB for S5-135U/R Processor                   

6ES5 844-.NA.1    IP 244, Std. FB for S5-150U                               

6ES5 845-.NA.1    IP 244, Std. FB for S5-115U                               

6ES5 846-.NA.1    IP 244, Std. FB for S5-155U                               



The following problems have occurred with some IP 244 modules:              

Undefined controller reactions as well as setting of one or all             

digital outputs during run-up.                                              


To assure proper functioning of the IP 244, we request you to               

carry out the following measures:                                           


1. Upgrading of the module to product version A13,                          

   and operation of the module in slots with battery backup                 



The upgrade is free of charge. Please contact your local                    

Siemens office.                                                             


Note: We would point out explicitly that the IP 244 may be                  

      plugged into slots with battery backup only. It follows               

      that the EU 183U and EU 184U expansion units cannot be used           

      with the IP 244. The Product Manuals of the PLCs in ques-             

      tion show which of the slots have battery backup. An over-            

      view to this effect is also available from your local                 

      Siemens office.                                                       


2. Upgrading of the Standard Function Blocks                                


Upgrading of the module may be carried out independently of                 

the replacement of Standard Function Blocks. It is advisable,               

however, to combine the two measures.                                       

The Standard Function Blocks will be replaced at no charge if               

you return the original diskette to your local Siemens office               

and request a replacement.                                                  


The current software versions are:                                          


S5-115U          6ES5 845-0NA11  A03  /-1NA11  A02  /-2NA11  A02            

                 6ES5 845-0NA21  B02  /-1NA21  B02  /-2NA21  B02            

                 6ES5 845-0NA31  C02  /-1NA31  C02  /-2NA31  C02            


S5-135U/921      6ES5 842-0NA11  A02  /-1NA11  A02  /-2NA11  A02            

                 6ES5 842-0NA21  B02  /-1NA21  B02  /-2NA21  B02            

                 6ES5 842-0NA31  C02  /-1NA31  C02  /-2NA31  C02            


S5-135U/922/928  6ES5 842-0NB11  A03  /-1NB11  A02  /-2NB11  A02            

                 6ES5 842-0NB21  B03  /-1NB21  B02  /-2NB21  B02            

                 6ES5 842-0NB31  C03  /-1NB31  C02  /-2NB31  C02            

S5-150U          6ES5 844-0NA11  A02  /-1NA11  A02  /-2NA11  A02            

                 6ES5 844-0NA21  B02  /-1NA21  B02  /-2NA21  B02            

                 6ES5 842-0NA31  C02  /-1NA31  C02  /-2NA31  C02            


S5-155U          6ES5 846-0NA11  A02  /-1NA11  A02                          

                 6ES5 846-0NA21  B02  /-1NA21  B02                          

                 6ES5 846-0NA31  C02  /-1NA31  C02                          

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