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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 41764416, Entry date: 03/15/2010

IMCEA Driver V1.8 Update

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The IMCEA driver V1.8 update provides an enhanced WINDOWS IMCEA  PlugAndPlay driver (IMCEA PnP driver) for the SIMATIC IPC427C when operated with Microsoft Windows XP (embedded).

This driver now enables you to run the PC IO central I/O expansion using the components PC IO BASE 400, PC IO MOD DIGITAL 010 and PC IO MOD ANALOG 020 together with the SIMATIC IPC427C.

System requirements

The IMCEA PnP driver can be used together with the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT

Supported PC systems

The following SIMATIC PCs and SIMATIC IPCs are supported by the IMCEA PnP driver V1.8:

  • SIMATIC Box PC 620 V1/V2 and Box PC 627B
  • SIMATIC Box PC 840 V1/V2 and Box PC 827B
  • SIMATIC Rack PC 840 V1/V2 and Rack PC 847B/647B
  • SIMATIC Rack PC IL 43, Rack PC 547B and IPC547C
  • SIMATIC Microbox PC 420, Microbox PC 427B and IPC427C
  • PC IO Central I/O expansion for SIMATIC Microbox PC 420/427B and IPC427C


The IMCEA driver V1.8 update is based on the IMCEA driver download V1.7 (33934213). Basic information on initial installation is provided in the Windows IMCEA Driver SIMATIC Industry PCs programming manual.

To update the IMCEA driver V1.8 please download and unpack the attached file "imceapnp180.zip" and copy the included IMCEA PnP driver "imceapnp.sys" to the target system into the Windows directory "C:\WINNT\system32\drivers" on the Boot partition. When you reboot the system the IMCEA PnP driver V1.8 will be ready for operation.


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IMCEA PnP driver V1.8 ( 9 KB )