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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 41827608, Entry date: 03/23/2010

SINUMERIK: Mini handheld unit: Product safety notification

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Product safety notification

There is a potential safety risk when using the acknowledgement button of the SINUMERIK mini handheld unit (6FX2007-1AD03 and 6FX2007-1AD13). The third stage of the acknowledgement button (when pushed all the way down) can malfunction. We urgently request that all customers who have the mini handheld unit check their devices against the serial numbers that have been published below and when required, immediately contact the specified contact person.

Current deliveries of these units are not involved and are therefore safe.

SINUMERIK mini handheld unit / product safety notification



EUCHNER GmbH + Co. KG, Germany – the supplier for the SINUMERIK mini handheld unit has informed Siemens of a potential safety risk involving the acknowledgment buttons that were in the past integrated in the SINUMERIK mini handheld units (mini HHU). Stage 3 of the pushbutton (when pressed all the way down) does not reliably open the switching contacts. This means that it cannot be guaranteed that the circuit is reliably interrupted.

In the worst case, there is a risk of severe bodily injury - even death.

  • Replace or repair the device
Excerpts from the memo

"The roll-out action will be carried out by:

Kohlhammerstraße. 16
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Postfach 10 01 52
D-70745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Telephone +49 (711) 75 97-317
Telefax +49 (711) 75 97-395
Contact partner: Frau Adensam, Marta
eMail: marta.adensam@euchner.de

The roll-out action will be generated in the form of a repair carried out by the Euchner Company on their premises.

When requested, local repair is also possible or an individual (customer-specific) solution can be agreed together with the Euchner Company."

Check whether your devices are involved

An online tool is available, which you can use to check the serial numbers of your devices as to whether your devices are involved in the product safety notification www.euchner.de  --> then action MINI-HHU 2010

The serial number always has the following format and is stamped on the type plate located at the back of the device.
Example: SEUC10204510029999 (the numbers that are underlined are on the type plate).
Devices that have already been repaired can be identified by an additional, round test label on the back of the devices (Test number 999).

Order numbers of components involved
Device Order No.
SINUMERIK mini handheld unit with spiral connecting cable 6FX2007-1AD03
SINUMERIK mini handheld unit with straight connecting cable 6FX2007-1AD13
Specific next steps

Siemens region:
1. Please inform your customers (OEMs) about this situation and request that your customer passes on this product safety notification.

OEM (machinery construction company):
1. Please pass on the product safety notification to your customers with the request to contact the Euchner Company.
2. Please check the devices that you have in your possession according to the manufacturer's instructions and then please contact the Euchner Company (telephone +49 (711) 75 97-317 or by e-mail: marta.adensam@euchner.de), to coordinate the administration.
3. It goes without saying that you can directly contact your local Siemens office that is more than willing to support you regarding the coordination. 

End customer (companies actually using the mini HHU):
1. Please check your devices according to the manufacturer's instructions and please contact the Euchner Company (telephone  +49 (711) 75 97-317 or by e-mail: marta.adensam@euchner.de), in order to harmonize and coordinate the administration.
2. It goes without saying that you can directly contact your local Siemens office that is more than willing to support you regarding the coordination.

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