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In STEP 7 (TIA Portal), how do you load the "Program Blocks" with the PLC tags and PLC data types from the CPU into the programming device?

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Load the software from the CPU into your PG. For this you create a new project and configure an unspecified CPU.

To load project data from the CPU into the programming device it is obligatory to have an online connection to the device. The procedure below takes the example of uploading with an S7-1500 CPU.

  1. Create a new STEP 7 project and add a S7-1500 CPU to the project using the "Add new device" function. In this case you can also add an "unspecified CPU 1500". The article number of the module is 6ES75XX-XXXXX-XXXX.
    You do not have to consider the firmware version of the "unspecified CPU 1500" for the offline and online device configuration.
  2. The device is not yet specified in the device configuration. In a window next to the CPU you see information about how to specify the module. Click "detect".

    Fig. 1
  3. In the "Hardware Recognition for PLC_1" dialog that opens you get a display of the data for the PG/PC interface. Click the "Start search" button.
  4. After the search you get a display of the Online CPU with device type, IP address and MAC address. Click the "Recognize" button. Your offline device configuration is now changed to match the online device configuration.
  5. In the toolbar you click the "Go online" function and in the "Go online" dialog that opens you click the "Start search" button.
  6. The system now checks the accessibility of the compatible devices. This might take some time. As soon as the devices have been determined, they are displayed with their IP addresses in the "Select target device:" window. Click the "GoOnline" button to establish the online connection.

    Fig. 2
  7. When the online connection has been established, in the Project tree you right-click the station and from the pop-up menu you select the "Upload from device (software)" function.

    Fig. 3
  8. The dialog that opens informs you that the complete content of the offline project has been deleted and irretrievably replaced by the online objects. Enable the "Continue" action and click the "Upload from device" button. Now the project data is uploaded from the CPU into the programming device and into your newly created project.

    Fig. 4
  9. In the toolbar you click the "Disconnect online connection" function.
  10. Save and compile your project.

Your STEP 7 (TIA Portal) project now contains the complete content of the "Program Blocks" folder with the PLC tags, PLC data types, Technology objects and any other folders from the online CPU. The messages with the successfully transferred blocks (FBs, FCs, DBs and OBs) are then displayed in the inspector window.

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