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Thin Client Firmware V1.4

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New firmware update available for SIMATIC Thin Clients.


This update will add the following functions to your Thin Client device:

  • Operation of SINUMERIK TCUs/NCUs
  • VNC (communication to standard VNC servers)
  • Access as a client to desktops and applications using the Citrix Presentation Server as of Version 4.5.
    The following restrictions must be observed:
    • Only one parallel session per Thin Client (no simultaneous connection to multiple released applications)
    • No support of encryption mechanisms
    • No interface export
    • No memory export
  • Support of the new Sm@rtAccess functions of WinCC Flexible 2008 SP2, including:
    • Scale (only supported by PC-based WinCC Flexible Runtime)
    • The server's soft keyboard is automatically displayed in the event of input errors and hidden again after input
    • Persistent Reconnect for Sm@rtAccess connection (if the connection is aborted, there are constant attempts to re-establish the connection with the server)
  • Software reboot of the SIMATIC Thin Client either directly on the Thin Client or through remote access via Web Based Management
  • Unneeded icons in the Thin Client taskbar can now be displayed/hidden by the user
  • Improved message texts

You can find additional details on the new functions in the current delivery release: Thin Clients with new firmware V1.4. Link: (41942644)

The Thin Client firmware is updated from Version 1.3 to Version 1.4 using the update file (see below).

The firmware update takes approximately 10 minutes. Ensure that the power supply of the Thin Client and the connection to the PC are maintained during the entire update process. If the power supply or the connection to the PC is interrupted during the update process, the Thin Client may no longer work.
Also restart the Thin Client before the firmware update.


Requirement: Your Thin Client has firmware version V1.3. If you have an older firmware version, update it to version V1.3.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Save and unzip the file attached below to a local directory on your PC.
  2. Use a PC to connect with the Thin Client via the network.
  3. On the PC, open the configuration settings of the Thin Client whose firmware you wish to update. (Enter IP address of the Thin Client in the browser)
  4. Log on with the valid administrator password.
  5. Select the "Firmware update" under "Device setup".
  6. Select the file "tc_update_v140.upd".
  7. Upload the file to the Thin Client using the "Upload File" interface. After successful upload of the file, you will see the "File uploaded" dialog.
  8. To start the firmware update, confirm the dialog with "OK."

The "Update process started…" message appears. When you have successfully completed the update process, the Thin Client is restarted.
Wait until the device has restarted.

Result: You have now updated the Thin Client firmware from version 1.3 to version 1.4.

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  tc_update_v140.zip (10,0 MB)

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  tc_update_v130.zip (4,0 MB)

Caution: This update is not suitable for the new HMI Thin Client Ex devices

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Special information for resellers

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Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle Readme_OSS_EN.htm (2.0 MB)

The update of the Open Source DVD accompanying the "Thin Client" products, including the corresponding source code, can be found here:

Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle ThinClient_Source.zip (445.6 MB)
(This software is subject to export restrictions, download for registered users only)

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