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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4202523, Entry date: 05/20/1997

COM 265, New Version V1.4, CP 265, EPROM Submodules

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES5 265-8MA01   IP 265, high-speed subcontrol                              

6ES5 375-8LA11   EPROM submodule for S5-90U and IP 265                      

6ES5 375-8LA12   EPROM submodule for S5-90U and IP 265, new                 

6ES5 895-5SH11   COM 265 with manual, German                                

6ES5 895-5SH21   COM 265 with manual, English                               

6ES5 895-5SH31   COM 265 with manual, French                                



_EPROM submodules:_                                                         


Please note that with immediate effect the EPROM submodule with Catalog No. 

6ES5 375-8LA11 is no longer available.                                      


The flash EPROM submodule with the Catalog No. 6ES5 375-8LA12 is available  

as a replacement product. To be able to use the new flash EPROM submodule   

for the IP 265, version V1.4 of the COM 265 is compulsory.                  



_COM 265, new functions of version V1.4:_                                   


- Supports the new flash EPROM submodule 6ES5 375-8LA12.                    

- Enables the COM 265 to run under Windows '95.                             





The software has all the functions of and is fully compatible with the pre- 

vious version.                                                              





Users who return the original diskette of a previous version will receive   

a free update to the new V1.4 version of the COM 265 software. This offer   

is valid until the end of 1997.                                             




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