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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4202554, Entry date: 06/11/1997

S5-155H - New Central Controller

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES5 188-3UH31        155H central controller, 24 V DC, 14 A, without batt. 

6ES5 188-3UH51        Empty rack (no power supply/fan)                      

6ES5 955-7NC11        Power supply for 155H centr. contr. 24 V DC, 14 A     

6ES7 408-1TA01-0XA0   Fan tray 24 V DC                                      

6ES7 971-0BA00        Lithium battery                                       



If a fault-tolerant S5-155H PLC is used predominantly for switched I/Os,    

a new central controller where both S5-155H CPUs can be mounted in one rack 

is now available. The new central controller not only occupies less space,  

but is also considerably more economical for the configuration in question. 


The rack is made up of two sections with 10 and 11 slots respectively. If   

the two sections are each equipped with a CPU 948R, a power supply and a    

parallel link module, the left section still has 5 slots and the right      

section 6 slots available for modules.                                      


The components of the rack are available individually for spare parts pur-  

poses (see above for Catalog No.'s).                                        


Backup of the CPUs can be achieved by using 1 (simple backup) or 2 (redun-  

dant backup) lithium batteries per CPU. The lithium battery must be ordered 



The documentation of the new central controller is part of the current ver- 

sion of the S5-155H Manual.                                                 


Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer any further   

questions you may have.                                                     




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