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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4202834, Entry date: 08/25/1997

STEP 5/ST - New Version 7.0

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES5894-0MA04-0KL1    STEP 5 Standard, copy license for PCs                 

6ES5894-0MA04-0UG4    STEP 5 Standard, upgrade for PCs/PGs                  

6ES5894-0MA04-0UG6    STEP 5 Standard, upgrade for PCs                      

6ES5894-0MA04         STEP 5 Standard, single license for PCs               

6ES5864-0MA04         STEP 5 for mini PLCs, single license for PCs          

6ES5864-0MA04-0KL1    STEP 5 for mini PLCs, copy license for PCs            

6ES5864-0MA04-0UG4    STEP 5 for mini PLCs, upgrade for PCs                 

6ES5864-0MA04-0UG6    STEP 5 for mini PLCs, upgrade for PCs                 

6ES5998-0MA.4         STEP5 documentation for PGs 7xx/PCs                   



The STEP 5 programming software is now available with version 7.0. The new  

version offers quite a few new features, particularly in the field of user  

ergonomics and increased performance:                                       


- Shallower menu structures; only 2 layers in principle.                    

- New acceleration and hotkeys:                                             

  Support of the changeover keys SHIFT, CTRL and ALT in the menus and       

  dialog boxes.                                                             

- Harmonized dialog boxes:                                                  

  Unified structures; subdivision according to source, target, output and   


- Project setting now in the form of a "file-card box":                     

  Simple and clear design, subdivided into topics such as: PLC, blocks,     

  symbolics, documentation, EPROM and options.                              

- Direct call of the editors:                                               

  Editors can be called directly from the project setting, the directory or 

  the ISTACK.                                                               

- Integration of the EPROM driver into the STEP 5/ST Standard package;      

  The EPROM driver no longer has to be loaded into the RAM when starting    

  the PG/PC.                                                                

- The editor for bus dialling has been reworked.                            

- Improved installation tools.                                              

- Reduced memory requirements (conventional RAM).                           

- Improved performance due to reduced loading times for software packages.  


_New "useful" functions:_                                                   


- Call of a DOS shell within STEP 5:                                        

  DOS commands can be called without having to end STEP 5.                  

- Runs on a server:                                                         

  The authorization must nevertheless be installed on the local target unit.

- STL editor / batch compiler is now part of the scope of supply of STEP 5. 

- Change to another language within STEP 5.                                 

- History (repeat function) for input fields in the dialog boxes and        

  in the project handling.                                                  

- Extended syntax for the block list:                                       

  Uniform for all functions such as editor and printer.                     

- Memorization of the selected optional package:                            

  If the user has parameterized it in the project setting, the optional     

  package last used can be started automatically after a renewed start of   

  STEP 5.                                                                   

- Memorization of the last five project files used in the menu.             

- Extended help and information functions in the menu and dialog boxes.     

- Color setting integrated in the menu.                                     

- Linking of COM packages into the menu:                                    

  As for GRAPH 5/II, the COM packages can be linked into the "Change"       

  pull-down menu for direct starting.                                       

- Printing in the case of missing FB calls and printing of block areas      

  is now possible.                                                          


_Modern DOS architecture:_                                                  


- Genuine DOS application.                                                  

- Use of DOS paths.                                                         

- No restrictions on drives.                                                

- Use of Extended Memory (XMS and EMS).                                     




In the development of STEP 5/ST V7.0, we have made every effort to remain   

as compatible with versions 3.x and 6.x as possible. The following incom-   

patibilities have nevertheless arisen:                                      


- No more support of PG 710 I/II programming devices because STEP 5 V7.0    

  requires a min. working memory of 4 Mbytes which the above PGs cannot     


- No continued support of the serial promming device.                       

- Existing key macro routines must be newly generated.                      

- The alternative BTRIEVE data storage is no longer supported.              

- Support for diagnostics / reference data based on the CP 551 has been     


- Optional packages under STEP 5/ST V7.0:                                   

  - GRAPH 5/II V6.x will not execute.                                       

  - COM 155H and COM 95F will execute as COM packages under the "Change/    

    Other" menu. The previous link to the desktop of version 6.x can no     

    longer be used.                                                         

  - The GRAPH 5/II, COM 155H and COM 95F optional packages will be adapted  

    to the new DOS architecture and the improved operator interface in      

    their next versions.                                                    


_General notes on compatibility:_                                           


If the new features are used (e.g. DOS paths and no more drive restric-     

tions), incompatibilities to older STEP 5 versions may occur, because these 

versions accept neither DOS paths nor drive names higher than "P:" and do   

not allow the use of two or more directories on one drive.                  


Older project files (PJ.INI) can be converted to the V7.0 level by means    

of integrated conversion tools, to permit use of the above features. If     

the compatibility criteria are heeded (no DOS paths, no drives in excess    

of "P:", not more than one directory per drive), reverse conversion to      

V6.x level is assured.                                                      


For differentiation purposes, the new project data have the ending          



Small adaptations to existing user files of version 6.x may be neccessary   

in some cases, to enable use of the expanded features of the DOS file       

system. Apart from project files (PJ.INI), this also affects the bus path   

files (AP.INI) and control instruction files (SU.INI).                      


It should be noted that when using the COM packages, neither DOS paths      

nor drives higher than "P:" may be used, because the COM packages are not   

raised to the V7.0 level.                                                   


If the new features are utilized, the user is warned that compatibility     

with older STEP 5 versions will be lost.                                    


The original PG 750 P1 programming device was equipped with only one 5.25"  

diskette drive. To be able to use the PG for STEP 5 V7.0 it must be         

equipped with a 3.5" diskette drive. Software on 5.25" diskettes is no      

longer supplied for STEP 5 V7.0.                                            


The software of the external prommer optional package (Catalog No.          

6ES5696-3AA11) may not be installed with STEP 5/ST V7.0.                    


_Upgrading to STEP 5/ST V7.0:_                                              


STEP 5/ST Standard:                                                         


From STEP 5/ST Standard for PC V6.5x / V6.6x or                             

     STEP 5/ST Standard for PGs (all versions, except PG 710 I/II)          

Upgrade for PCs/PGs with copy protection  Catalog No. 6ES5894-0MA04-0UG4    


From STEP 5/ST Standard for PCs V6.0 to V6.3 / V3.x and lower               

        (HW dongle must be returned !!!)                                    

Upgrade for PCs with copy protection      Catalog No. 6ES5894-0MA04-0UG6    



STEP 5/ST mini PLC Package:                                                 


V6.5x / V6.6x                                                               

Upgrade for PCs with copy protection      Catalog No. 6ES5864-0MA04-0UG4    


V6.0 / V6.3, (HW dongle must be returned !!!)                               

Upgrade for PCs with copy protection      Catalog No. 6ES5864-0MA04-0UG6    




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