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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4203444, Entry date: 03/20/1998

S5-95F Stage II - New Revision Level 04

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6ES5 095-8FB01   S5-95F subunit                                             



The SIMATIC S5-95F PLCs are now available with revision level 4.            


The following problems have been eliminated:                                


- The integrated FB 230 (fault-tolerant S5-95F) was not processed by ope-   

  rating system Z03.                                                        


- If an error message is entered in the error DB and a depassivation is     

  initiated by the user program (which deletes all error messages in the    

  error DB) before this message could be sent to the L1 master, empty       

  error messages may possibly be sent. Failsafe data transmission is not    

  affected, but standard message frames can no longer be sent. This error   

  is only corrected when a new error message is sent to the L1 master be-   

  fore depassivation by the user program.                                   


- If message frame modes 115P-14/15 and 95F are used for communication via  

  a failsafe redundant SINEC L1 link, an error can occur when an L1 cable   

  is disconnected. In this case, one of the two Send UVB bits (data path 1  

  or data path 2) is no longer reset by the operating system and the cor-   

  responding transmission safety time elapses. As a result, the user pro-   

  gram of the sender cannot write any new data to the send mailbox. The     

  receiver does not notice this since it still receives valid message       

  frames with old user data via the redundant channel. This means that      

  current safety-related data will possibly not be transmitted. In 115F-    

  14/15 mode, the fault condition will be eliminated on its own, if the     

  SINEC-L1 cable is reconnected. In 95F mode a new revision level is re-    

  quired to solve the problem. The new revision level makes the preventive  

  measures described in SIMATIC User Info 1997/02/016 obsolete.             


Please note that both subunits must be upgraded, because any PLCs returned  

for repair are always upgraded to the latest revision level and the sub-    

units of an S5-95F system must have the same revision level.                


Please speak to your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office about     

an upgrade.                                                                 




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