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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 42103598, Entry date: 04/06/2010

Sales release and limited delivery release for SCALANCE XR324-4M EEC

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The SCALANCE XR324-4M EEC managed Industrial Ethernet 19" Rack Switches with cable outlet at the front and 1 x 24 V DC (24 V - 48 V) power supply or 2 x 24 V DC (24 V - 48 V) power supply are now released for delivery ex stock by I IA SC IC with restrictions.




The SCALANCE XR324-4M EEC is released with the following restrictions:


1. The following approvals are still pending:

  • cULus

  • cULus-HazLOC

  • FM

We expect that the approvals will be granted by E10/2010.

1. Product description

The SCALANCE XR-300EEC is a powerful, industry-standard, Layer 2 Industrial Ethernet 19" Rack Switch that offers IT functions in addition to industry features. These switches are designed for use under extremely harsh ambient conditions and stand out due to their large operating temperature range and their high degree of electromagnetic compatibility (EEC = Enhanced Environmental Conditions). The switches meet the requirements of the standards IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613.

This product version is mainly designed for large networks with different connection media and high port density of the network components, including connection to the enterprise network. Extensive redundancy functions (STP/RSTP/MRP, link aggregation), utilization as redundancy manager, as well as manifold management/diagnostics options (VLAN, Quality of Service, IGMP, RMON) permit high plant availability and user-friendly configuration.

SCALANCE XR324-4M EEC (4 fiber-optic module slots)
  Versions are available with
• LEDs, data cable outlet on the front and power supply connection at the rear
• LEDs, power supply connection on the front and data cable outlet at the rear
 All versions have four media module slots and

• 1 x 24 V DC (24 V - 48 V) power supply unit

• 2 x 24 V DC (24 V - 48 V) power supply units

The versions with redundant power supply units feature two integrated power supply units with redundant interconnection each, unlike the known SCALANCE X switches with one power supply unit and redundant infeed


The SCALANCE XR324-4M EEC have the following interfaces:

Ethernet interfaces:

16 permanently integrated electrical 10/100/1000 Mbit/s RJ45 ports. Up to 4 slots for electrical or optical 2-port fiber-optic modules (multimode or singlemode). The optical fiber-optic modules are available with different connection options.
Electrical: Connection of up to 8 x electrical 10/100/1000 Mbit/s RJ45 ports for connecting stations and interconnecting the switches.

Optical: Connection of up to 8 x 100 or 1000 Mbit/s FOC ports, optical (multimode/singlemode, glass), for interconnecting SCALANCE XR-300 EEC switches or for connection to a higher-level backbone switch.

Other interfaces:
• Slot for optional C-PLUG swap medium on the side of the device for easy device replacement in the event of a failure
• 4-pole terminal block for redundant power supply for protection against voltage failure at 24 V DC.
• 3-pin terminal block for power supply at 230 V AC.
• 2-pin terminal block for isolated signaling contact for simple display of faults
• The fault signaling contact can be easily set on the device by means of a SELECT/SET button.
• The status information is indicated by means of a row of LEDs (power, link status, data communication, power supply, signaling contact).
• Remote diagnosis is possible via a signaling contact, PROFINET, SNMP, Web browser and CLI

Further technical characteristic
All ports of the SCALANCE XR-300 support Gigabit Ethernet. For the SCALANCE XR300, however, no "full wire speed" backplane architecture (all ports are simultaneously interconnected via Gigabit Ethernet) was selected in order to save costs. For the XR300, a "blocking architecture" was selected. 3 blocks with 8 ports each are interconnected in each case. Full wire speed is possible within the blocks. However, only 1 Gigabit Ethernet is used for connecting the blocks to each other. This technical characteristic is clearly indicated in the manual. When operating with Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s), no blocking takes place due to the described configuration of the SCALANCE XR-300.

2. Ordering data


Product name Order number
SCALANCE XR324-4M EEC (1ER2) 1 x 24 V DC 6GK5324-4GG00-1ER2
SCALANCE XR324-4M EEC (2ER2) 2 x 24 V DC 6GK5324-4GG00-2ER2


3. Target application

The SCALANCE XR-300EEC is ideal for use in plant networks and for integrating the industrial network into an existing corporate network. Both at the field level and the control level, the switch performs the networking with the distributed field devices and ensures high plant availability with extensive diagnostics options and high transmission speeds. The modularity permits perfect adaptation to the respective application through the use of electrical and/or optical fiber-optic modules.
The main area of application is found in high-performance plant networks with interfaces to the corporate network. Thanks to the immunity to electromagnetic interference of the SCALANCE XR-300EEC switches, the devices can also be used in medium/high voltage substations.
The SCALANCE XR-300EEC switch is suitable for establishing optical Industrial Ethernet linear, star or ring topologies with 24 ports, 16 of which are integrated RJ45 ports. Up to four additional electrical and/or optical 2-port fiber-optic modules can be inserted in the media module slots of the basic unit.
The switch can also be used as a star coupler in the plant bus (redundant connection is possible).

Customer benefits with SCALANCE XR-300 EEC

  1. Flexibility and easy adaptation to the structure of a plant thanks to partial modularity
  2. Reduced warehousing overhead/fewer versions need to be managed by the customer
  3. Facilitated installation due to cable outlet on the front or at the rear (e.g. at the cabinet door)
  4. High terminal density while requiring little space (one 19" height module)
  5. Power supply can be selected as required (24 V DC and AC wide-range power supply unit)
  6. Low mounting depth for 19" cabinets: thus with 80 cm deep control cabinets, two units requiring only one height module can be installed
  7. Simple connection of 100 Mbit/s FO networks using 100 Mbit/s FO technology

4. Miscellaneous




For further information, please visit our SCALANCE X-300 product website.

The SCALANCE X-300 can be found in the catalog and the Mall.


To assist in selecting the right Industrial Ethernet switches as well as configuration of modular variants, the Switch Selection Tool is available as a free download: 39134641



Security information
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