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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4244561, Entry date: 11/18/1998


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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6XV1830-0EH10      PB Fast Connect bus cable                                

6XV1830-0EN20      PB FC bus cable, 20m                                     

6XV1830-0EN50      PB FC bus cable, 50m                                     

6XV1830-0ET10      PB FC bus cable, 100m                                    

6XV1830-0ET20      PB FC bus cable, 200m                                    

6XV1830-0ET50      PB FC bus cable, 500m                                    

6GK1905-6AA00      PB FC stripping tool                                     

6GK1905-6AB00      PB FC blade cassettes                                    

6XV1830-0AH10      SINEC L2 bus cable                                       

6XV1830-0AN20      PROFIBUS bus cable, 20m                                  

6XV1830-0AN30      PROFIBUS bus cable, 30m                                  

6XV1830-0AN50      PROFIBUS bus cable, 50m                                  

6XV1830-0AN80      PROFIBUS bus cable, 80m                                  

6XV1830-0AT10      PROFIBUS bus cable, 100m                                 

6XV1830-0AT15      PROFIBUS bus cable, 150m                                 

6XV1830-0AT20      PROFIBUS bus cable, 200m                                 

6XV1830-0AT30      PROFIBUS bus cable, 300m                                 

6XV1830-0ET50      PROFIBUS bus cable, 500m                                 

6XV1830-0AT75      PROFIBUS bus cable, 750m                                 



A new insulation stripping tool and new PROFIBUS copper cable for the       

PROFIBUS FastConnect system are now available. The stripper can only be     

used in conjunction with the new PROFIBUS FastConnect copper cable.         


User benefits of the new FastConnect system:                                


The new FastConnect system considerably reduces the time required to attach 

a PROFIBUS connector. The use of the insulation stripper for the PROFIBUS   

FastConnect (FC) cable also avoids errors. With a single cut, the stripper  

with its integrated blade cassette with two blades cuts the outer sheath    

and the woven shield. A table on the rear side of the stripper lists the    

cutting dimensions required for different connectors. The FC insulation     

stripper is pre-adjusted to the FC PB cable.                                


The PROFIBUS FC cable will replace the previous PROFIBUS standard cable     

(6XV1 830-0AH10). Both cables will remain available in parallel for a limi- 

ted period.                                                                 


The present connectors (6GK1 500-0EA00, 6ES7 972-0BA11-0XA0, 6ES7 972-0BB11-

0XA0, 6ES7 972-0BA40-0XA0, 6ES7 972-0BB40-0XA0) can be prepared with the    

new PROFIBUS FAST CONNECT cable and the insulation stripper.                

In the second quarter of 1999 new connectors tailored to the new FC tech-   

nique will be introduced.                                                   


The new PROFIBUS FAST CONNECT standard cable is available by the meter and  

in preferred lengths.                                                       









Ordering data:                                                              


                                Catalog No.                                 


Cable by the meter:             6XV1830-0EH10                               


Preferred lengths: 20 m         6XV1830 0EN20                               

                   50 m         6XV1830 0EN50                               

                  100 m         6XV1830 0ET10                               

                  200 m         6XV1830 0ET20                               

                  500 m         6XV1830 0ET50                               


FCS Insulation stripper         6GK1905-6AA00                               

(Fast Connect Stripper)                                                     

Blade cassette (pack of 5)      6GK1905-6AB00                               


One blade cassette is suitable for approx. 1500 cuts.                       


Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer any further   

questions you may have.                                                     




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