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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4246296, Entry date: 10/27/1999

New PROFIBUS RS 485 Festoon Cable

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6XV1830-3GH10      PROFIBUS RS 485 Festoon Cable                            



The new festoon cable is now available. The new cable features high         

flexibility and can thus be used for festoons with small or with large      

cable loops.                                                                


The tension-relief elements of the old cable often lead to problems in      

small festoons (cable too stiff). The flexible design of the new cable      

will now also permit its use in festoons with small or with large loops     

(the cable will carry its own weight but is not suitable for tensile        

forces of more than 80 N).                                                  

The old cable (catalog no. 6XV1830-3CH10) will therefore remain avail-      

able for applications with high tensile forces of up to 200 N (cable        

can be rolled on reels).                                                    


Please speak to your SIMATIC NET contact at your local Siemens office if    

you have any further questions.                                             




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