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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4246578, Entry date: 01/10/2000

SIMATIC NET Electronic Manuals 11/1999 CD ROM Now Available

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6GK1975-1AA00-3AA0    SIMATIC NET Electronic Manuals CD ROM                 



The SIMATIC NET Electronic Manuals 11/1999 CD ROM is now available. The     

CD ROM contains manuals and descriptions about SIMATIC NET, as well as      

additional information about the following topics:                          


- Communication systems                                                     

  - Industrial Ethernet                                                     

  - PROFIBUS                                                                

  - EIB                                                                     

  - AS-Interface                                                            

- Communication protocols                                                   

  - S7 communication                                                        

  - PG/OP communication                                                     

  - S5-compatible communication (SEND/RECEIVE)                              

  - TF functions                                                            

  - PROFIBUS DP/FMS                                                         

- Communication products                                                    

  - Network components                                                      

  - SIMATIC S7-200, -300, -400 CPs                                          

  - PG/PC/WS/Windows Software and CPs                                       

  - PC/WS/Unix Software and CPs                                             

  - OPC, OLE/DDE                                                            


- The CD ROM furthermore contains information about new products, Product   

  Briefs and specialist articles.                                           

- Access to important SIMATIC NET information on the Internet is provided   

  and the names of the SIMATIC NET contacts are listed.                     

- The CD ROM "SIMATIC NET Electronic Manuals 11/1999" is also included      

  with the "PC/Windows 11/1999" CD ROM.                                     


Catalog no.:                                                                


SIMATIC NET Electronic Manuals 11/1999    6GK1975-1AA00-3AA0                



Please speak to your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office if you    

have any further questions.                                                 




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