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MICROMASTER 3 (MM3): Addressing MM3 using the DriveMonitor

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How can I address my MM3 using DriveMonitor?


An interface converter is required to address an MM3 using a PC / laptop (the MM3 has an RS485 interface)

The MM3 should be parameterised as follows:
P092 (Serial link baud rate) = 6 (9600baud)
P095 (USS compatibility) = 1 (0.01 Hz resolution)
P099 (Option module type) = 0 (Option module not present)
P910 (Local / USS mode) ≠ 0 (e.g. 1 = USS control)

Further relevant parameters:
P091 (Bus address)
P922 (Unit version)

Further, the communication settings of the DriveMonitor on the MM3 should be set as follows under Tools/ONLINE settings.

1. Select USS as bus type

2. Select the interface according to HW-cofiguration, (e.g.) at COM2.
Select the baud rate, according to P092, (e.g.) of 9600.
Select bus operation of the RS485 to automatic mode

3. Set the request retries to 700, the response timeout to 300

4. Generating a parameter set

5 Set drive properties
(Drive type, Software version P922, Serial link baud rate P091)

If P910 = 0, the following warning occurs

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