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Acquisition of power values over various periods of time with WinCC flexible

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Task definition:  
The tracing of energy consumption over various periods of time is an important issue in many areas of the manufacturing and processing industry.

  • At what times did energy consumption increase?

Furthermore, the daily variations are also important for the generation of energy through solar, wind and water power plants.

  • How much energy has been produced at what times?

This application is suitable for both use cases.
The input and output of electrical power can be evaluated and displayed over different periods of time.

Overview of the automation task:
The function principle of this application is demonstrated by the example of a wind power plant.
The figure below provides an overview of the automation task.

The power generated by a wind turbine is recorded over various periods of time and can then be displayed graphically on an operator panel.

Graphical analysis is available for the following time periods:

  • hourly overview

  • daily overview

  • weekly overview

  • monthly overview

  • yearly overview

In the documentation you will find a detailed description of how the automation task has been realized.
The "zip-file" includes all data required to simulate the application.


Contents of the downloads


Documentation  42637128_Operations_Diary_DOKU_V10_e.pdf ( 338 KB )
  • STEP 7 and WinCC flexible configuration
42637128_Operations_Diary_CODE_V10.zip ( 7296 KB )

Software requirements:
In this example application, the following software and hardware versions have been used.

  • WinCC flexible 2008 SP1
  • STEP 7 5.4 SP5
  • MP 277 Touch




06/2010 First issue

Operations diary, Pharma, Audit, GMP, life science

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