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How do you configure a connection between WinCC flexible Runtime (PC/Panel) and a SIMATIC S7-300/S7400 via PROFIBUS/MPI?

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The procedure is given in the attached PDF document with the following contents.

1 Introduction
2 Preliminary Considerations
   2.1 When should you use an HMI station and when a PC station?
   2.2 Which PROFIBUS CP should you select?
3 Connecting a Panel via PROFIBUS
   3.1 Requirements
   3.2 ‪‪Configuration in STEP 7 and WinCC flexible as well as on the panel
4 Connecting WinCC flexible Runtime to SIMATIC S7-300/400 Without
   Station Configuration Editor
   4.1 Requirements
   4.2 Connecting an HMI station
   4.3 Connecting a PC station
5 Connecting a WinCC flexible Runtime to SIMATIC S7-300/400 With
   Station Configuration Editor
   5.1 Requirements
   5.2 Connecting an HMI station
   5.3 Connecting a PC station

WinCC_flexible_Kommunikation_Profibus_V10_e.pdf ( 995 KB )

300 series, 400 series, Connection, Connect, Operator panel, Display, Communication, Drivers, Controller, PLC, MPI/DP interface, IF1B MPI/DP, Baud rate, Address, Only master on the bus, Controller connection


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