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Documentation of Production Processes with WinCC flexible

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During the every day production process various production processes are started and terminated via the HMI operator panel.

This includes:

  • general operator actions
  •  adjusting of production parameters
  • output of process values
  • output of process alarms

For a number of operator actions it is difficult in retrospect to assign individual operator actions and alarms to a certain process/batch.

The application is used to assign previously described points specifically to one “batch” in form of a “batch report” and hence document the “single” process.

A “batch report” (batch log) is required in many areas within industrial production, especially in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry.

Overview display:


The attached documentation contains a detailed instruction on how to realize the task.
The "zip-file" contains all required files to recreate the application.


Content of Downloads


Documentation  42931547_WinCC_flexible_Batch_Report_DOKU_V10_e.pdf ( 825 KB )
The zip-file contains the following file.
  • WinCC flexible configuration (Project_Code)
42931547_WinCC_flexible_Batch_Report_CODE_V10.zip ( 2815 KB )
The zip-file contains the following files.
  • Excel templates (Template_BatchReport_Excel_V1.2)
  • Example files (Sample_Data_BatchReport)
42931547_Template_Batch_Report_V10.zip ( 204 KB )

Software requirements:
The following software versions were used for implementing the example application.

  • WinCC flexible 2008 SP1
  • Microsoft Excel 2003




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