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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 42958185, Entry date: 11/04/2010

Delivery release, MCIS DNC V2.3

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Effective immediately, software MCIS DNC V2.3 has been released for delivery.

The main feature of this release is the possibility to connect to the Team Center System from Siemens PL.

This means that it is now possible to link the design and production process with production. The sequence of operations involving development, design up to generating drawings, simulation and production with SINUMERIK are now all linked together. Part programs from the design can be provided directly to production using DNC.

Update 02.11.2010

The subsequent  MCIS DNC V2.3 modules are now newly available:

License + data carrier for DNC cells and/or production server:

  • 6FC6000-0BC02-3AA0 DNC Cell V2.3, CD-Rom
  • 6FC6000-0BC02-3AE0 DNC Cell Upgrade V 2.3, CD-Rom
  • 6FC6000-0CC02-3AA0 DNC Plant V2.3, CD-Rom
  • 6FC6000-0CC02-3AE0 DNC Plant Upgrade V 2.3, CD-Rom

The CD Roms listed above also include the DNC HMI, DNC IFC etc.  software. The following licenses are required in order to be able to use these packages:

Licenses for additional, central DNC cell and/or production server:

  • 6FC6000-0BC00-0AA0 DNC Cell, actual
  • 6FC6000-0BC00-0AT7 DNC Cell Trial license, actual
  • 6FC6000-0BF00-0AB0 DNC Cell license
  • 6FC6000-0CC00-0AA0 DNC Plant, actual
  • 6FC6000-0CF00-0AB0 DNC Plant license

"NC program comparison" option on the server:

  • 6FC6000-0HF00-0AB0 DNC Compare

Using additional DNC operating PCs

  • 6FC6000-0DF00-0AB0 DNC HMI license

Connecting to SINUMERIK Powerline control systems:

  • 6FC6000-0EF00-0AB0 DNC IFC SINUMERIK  license

Connecting to SINUMERIK Solution Line control systems (used on PCU 50.3 Solution line with HMI Advanced and NCU):

  • 6FC5800-0AP41-0YB0 MCIS DNC IFC, option (Interface Client for Solution Line)

Connecting to the control via RS232:

  • 6FC6000-0FF00-0AB0 DNC IFC serial
  • 6FC6000-0GF00-0AB0 DNC IFC dialog

Connecting to third-party control systems via File System

  • 6FC6000-0KF00-0AB0 DNC IFC File System license

New functions

  • Accepting NC programs from Teamcenter 2007.1 (Teamcenter Interface software from PL is required).

  • Dialog function: Return transfer into the workpiece
  • Improvement/expansion, configuration, trace, management data
  • Support of terminal server/terminal client

Hardware preconditions for SINUMERIK:

DNC IFC SINUMERIK can run on SINUMERIK with the following hardware:

  • PCU 50/70 with OP 010 /012 /015, TCU, HT8

  • MMC103 with OP 031 /032 (additional PCI/ISA adapter/Ethernet network interface!)

Software preconditions for SINUMERIK:

For DNC IFC SINUMERIK, the following SINUMERIK software is required:

  • HMI software from software release 6 under Windows NT/XP on PCU 50/70

  • MMC software from software release 4.04.17 under Windows 95 on MMC 103 (only possible on request for specific projects)


SINUMERIK systems with DNC IFC V2.1 can still be used at the DNC Cell/Plant V2.3 server. DNC Cell/Plant V2.3 does not support Oracle databases.

Languages that are supported, user interface (function description:)

  • Germany (also function description)

  • English (also function description)

  • French

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Chinese (simplified)

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