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文档类型 产品通知 文档编号 4313769, 文档发布日期 1998年12月4日

SIMODRIVE 611 digital control module, Standard2

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We are always striving to adapt and tailor our SIMODRIVE 611 product        

spectrum to the latest leading-edge requirements from your tool             

machine applications. Safety technology is increasingly establishing        

itself on machines, which have low requirements on the machining            

accuracy and dynamic performance. We have taken this into account, and      

tailored the existing standard control, which is digitally coupled via      

the drive bus with our CNC systems SINUMERIK 840C and SINUMERIK 840D,       

to the new requirement.                                                     

This "Standard2" control module is now available as alternative to the      

standard control and has suitable hardware prerequisites for using the      

SAFETY INTEGRATED software package. Further, we have standardized the       

encoder power cables to max. 50 m. The functional scope and the control     

characteristics, valid for the standard control, are still available.       




1) What are our target markets?                                             


- basic machines                                                            

- standard series machines                                                  

- transfer line stations                                                    

- special-purpose machines                                                  

- handling equipment                                                        



2) Which functions?                                                         


Universal 2-axis control modules.                                           


In two versions:                                                            

- one encoder input in each axis for the motor measuring system with        

  sin/cos voltage signals, however without an input for the direct          

  measuring systems.                                                        

- one encoder input in each axis for the motor measuring system with        

  sin/cos voltage signals, and, in addition, one input for each direct      

  measuring system, also on the basis of sin/cos voltage signals.           

- the hardware supports the "SAFETY INTEGRATED" function package of         


- Encoder cables up to max. 50 m per axis are permissible.                  

- Encoder monitoring (amplitude monitoring)                                 


Beyond this, the functions of the known Standard1 control module are        


- encoder inputs for incremental sin/cos voltage signals                    

- direct position sensing (optional direct measuring system for voltage     

  signals) and indirect position sensing with absolute value encoder        

  EnDat interface                                                           

- internal multiplication factor for the encoder line number is max. 128.   


Performance characteristics of the closed-loop control:                     



                                       1-axis operation  2-axis operation   


 - min. current controller clock cycles     125 us        125 us            


 - min. speed controller clock cycles       125 us        500 us            


 - rise time, speed controller              1.4 ms          4 ms            


 - characteristic frequency of the closed   550 Hz        180 Hz            


   control loop                                                             






3) What prerequisites does the higher-level SINUMERIK control have to       


SINUMERIK 840D  from SW release  04.04.xx   available since E8/1998         


SINUMERIK 840C  from SW release  06.03.xx   being tested; scheduled series  

availability 12/98                                                          



4) Compatibility with the Standard1 control module:                         



The Standard2 control modules run on older NCU software releases, however,  

only with the reduced Standard1 functionality.                              





5) Order designations:                                                      



a) without direct measuring system    6SN1118-0DM21-0AA0                    


b) with direct measuring system       6SN1118-0DM23-0AA0                    




Caution: Unfortunately, the last position of the order designation was      

incorrectly printed in Catalog NC 60.1 Edition August 1998.                 


6) Release for general availability:                                        


Effective immediately, the new control module types, specified under 5) are 

available for general availability. Please contact your local Siemens Sales 

Department for the current delivery times                                   


The control modules with the Standard1 functionality are also still         


- without direct measuring system    6SN1118-0DM11-0AA1                     

- with direct measuring systems      6SN1118-0DM13-0AA1                     


For further information, please contact your local Siemens department.