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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4329918, Entry date: 05/15/1997

Borland C/C+ + - New Version V.5.01

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES7 812-1BC01-0AA0    Borland C/C+ + V5.x, German, English                 

6ES7 812-1BC01-0AA4    Borland  C/C+ + update V4.52 to V5.01                

6ES7 356-4BM00-0AE0    FM356-4, function module                             

6ES7 356-4BM00-0AE1    FM356-4, DOS function module                         

6ES7 388-4BN00-0AC0    CPU388-4                                             

6ES7 388-4BN00-0AC1    CPU388-4 DOS                                         

6ES7 456-4EY00-0AE0    FM456-4, function module                             

6ES7 456-4EY00-0AE1    FM456-4, DOS function module                         

6ES7 486-3AA00-0AB0    CPU486-3                                             

6ES7 486-3AA00-0AB1    CPU486-3 DOS                                         

6ES7 488-3AA00-0AB0    CPU488-3                                             

6ES7 488-3AA00-0AB1    CPU488-3 DOS                                         

6ES7 488-4GY00-0AC0    CPU488-4                                             

6ES7 488-4GY00-0AC1    CPU488-4 DOS                                         

6ES7 488-5FY00-0AC0    CPU488-5                                             

6ES7 488-5FY00-0AC1    CPU488-5 DOS                                         

6ES7 802-0FA00-0XX0    M7-SYS system software                               

6ES7 802-0FA01-0XX0    M7-SYS system software V2.0                          

6ES7 802-0FA01-8.A0    M7-SYS Manual                                        

6ES7 807-2AA00-0YX0    M7 DDE server for WfW 3.11                           

6ES7 807-2BA00-8.A0    DDE server documentation                             

6ES7 812-0CA01-0YX0    M7-ProC/C+ + V3.0, single license                    

6ES7 812-0CA01-0YX1     M7-ProC/C+ + V3.0, copy license                     

6ES7 812-0CA01-0YX4    M7-ProC/C+ + V3.0, upgrade                           

6ES7 812-0CA01-8.A0     M7-ProC/C+ + Manual                                 



The new version of the original Borland C+ + software is now available on   

CD ROM. Borland C+ + V.5.01 is a prerequisite for the new version of        

M7-ProC/C+ + V.3.0, CFC V.3.0 and M7-Sys V.2.0:                             


Borland C/C+ + V.5.01 on CD (German, English):    6ES7 812-1BC01-0AA0       

Borland  C/C+ + upgrade V.4.52 to V.5.01:         6ES7 812-1BC01-0AA4       




The upgrade will be available at a special price until Oct. 1, 1997 (Cata-  

log No.: 6ES7 812-1BC01-0AA4). Thereafter, only the complete version will   

be available.                                                               


STEP 7 upgrade, see User Info No. 1997/13/005.                              

M7-ProC/C+ + upgrade, see User Info No. 1997/06/007.                        

M7-SYS V.2.0 upgrade, see User Info No. 1997/06/005.                        




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