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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4331598, Entry date: 07/29/1997

FM 357 - New Function Module for 4-axes Control

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES6 357-4AH00-0AE0   FM 357 4-axes controller                              

6ES6 357-4AH00-3AE0   FM 357 firmware, single license                       

6ES6 357-4AH00-3AE6   FM 357 firmware, runtime license                      

6ES6 357-4AH00-7AG0   FM 357 configuration package, German                  

6ES6 357-4AH00-7BG0   FM 357 configuration package, English                 

6ES6 357-4AH00-7CG0   FM 357 configuration package, French                  

6ES6 357-4AH00-7EG0   FM 357 configuration package, Italian                 



The FM 357 positioning and continuous path controller for up to 4 interpo-  

lating axes is now available. Both linear and rotary axes with servo drives 

or stepper motors can be implemented (mixed operation is also possible).    


_Hardware features:_                                                        


- Up to 4 axes can be connected.                                            

- Incremental position encoders (RS 422) or SSI encoders; can be used for   

  position monitoring in stepper motor mode.                                

- +/-10 V analog interface to servo motors.                                 

- Clock signal for stepper drives.                                          

- 4 high-speed inputs, e.g. for reference point cam or high-speed synchro-  

  nization and 2 measuring inputs for cutting "on the fly", for instance.   

- More high-speed I/Os are possible in the local bus segment.               


_NC functionality:_                                                         


The module is based on the FM-NC module and was modified for the require-   

ments of general machines. The FM 357 has all the functions a user expects  

from a modern 4-axes continuous path controller, e.g.:                      


- Interpolation of all axes (linear, rotary, helical curve, spline).        

- Simple synchronous operation (coupled motion).                            

- Programmable acceleration and rate-of-change limiting.                    

- M functions as well as setting and reading of I/O signals.                

- Traversing path programming acc. to DIN 66025 with additional high-level  

  language elements.                                                        




The configuration package for parameterization, commissioning and testing   



- Parameterization and commissioning tool with commissioning assistant      

  integrated in the SIMATIC Manager.                                        

- Standard software blocks for the connection of the FM 357 to the S7 CPU.  

- Manual in paperback form.                                                 

- Screen forms for the OP 17.                                               




The full range of S7 OPs can be used for HMI functions, from the OP 3 to    

the OP 37. OP 7 and OP 17 additionally offer an extended direct access to   

the NC data via a variables selector.                                       


_Software prerequisites:_                                                   


- Configuration package and STEP 7 V3.1.                                    

- ProTool V3.0 if the extended direct access by means of a SIMATIC OP is    




Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer any more      

questions you may have.                                                     




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