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Collection of Articles "Fuzzy Systems in Theory and Application"

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A collection of articles is now available on the topic of Fuzzy Logic.      

30 specialist articles were selected, which provide both access to the      

basics of Fuzzy Logic and describe practical applications.                  


The wide area of topics covered addresses both the application-oriented     

Fuzzy insider and the newly interested, who wish to gain an overview of     

the Fuzzy technology.                                                       


The collection is grouped according to the following topics:                


- Basics                                                                    

  This chapter explains the Fuzzy theory by way of examples.                


- Applications from:                                                        

  Sugar, paper, glass and chemical industries, from environmental and sen-  

  sor technologies, power station and traffic control, as well as robotics  

  and domestic appliance manufacture.                                       


- Products/Tools                                                            

  for the automation systems SIMATIC S5 ("ProFuzzy" and "SIFLOC S5"),       

  SIMATIC S7 ("Fuzzy Control") and Teleperm ("SIFLOC TM").                  


- Theoretical investigations                                                

- Learning methods                                                          

  These two chapters are primarily intended for the scientifically oriented 

  and enlarge on the Fuzzy theory with a focus on mathematics.              


- Future view                                                               

  In addition to new applications in automation technology, this chapter    

  provides an overview of how Fuzzy Logic came into being and its develop-  

  ment potential in the coming years.                                       


The articles are printed in the languages in which they were originally     

published (German or English).                                              


The collection of articles is available at a nominal fee from your SIMATIC  

contact at your local Siemens office. The Catalog No. is: E80001-V111-A480  




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