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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4332725, Entry date: 08/25/1997

STEP 7 Programming Software - New Version 3.2

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES7 810-4CC02-0YX0    STEP 7 V3.2, single license, CD                      

6ES7 810-4CA02-0YX1    STEP 7 V3.2, copy license                            

6ES7 810-4CC02-0YX3    STEP 7 V3.2, update,  CD 1)                          

6ES7 810-4CC02-0YX4    STEP 7 V3.2, upgrade, CD 2)                          

6ES7 810-3BC02-0YX0    STEP 7 Mini V3.2, single license, CD                 

6ES7 810-3BA02-0YX1    STEP 7 Mini V3.2, copy license                       

6ES7 810-3BC02-0YX2    STEP 7 Mini V3.2, upgrade, CD 2)                     

6ES7 810-4BC00-0YX2    STEP 7 Software Update Service, CD                   

6ES7 813-8BC02-8YE0    Electronic manuals                                   

6ES7 810-4CA02-8.A0    Basic Information                                    

6ES7 810-4CA02-8.R0    Reference manual                                     


1): Updating from STEP 7 V3.0/3.1 to  V3.2                                  

2): Upgrading from STEP 7 V1.x to V3.2                                      



The STEP 7 programming software and the STEP 7 Mini package are now avail-  

able with version V3.2. Version V3.2 is compatible with the preceding ver-  

sion and replaces it. STEP 7 V2.1 will remain available until the end of    

Dec. 1997.                                                                  



Before using Step 7 V3.2 on Win NT (4.0), please check the executability    

of the other software packages under Win NT.                                


_New features and improvements:_                                            


- Wizard to simplify the start of new projects.                             

- Installation on PGs and PCs with an already administrated network envi-   


- Data storage on network server.                                           

- Code generation when using edge trigger flags in a LAD parallel branch.   

- Printout and sorting criteria in the symbol list.                         

- Copying between V2 and V3 projects.                                       

- Restart in the case of an interrupted PROFIBUS connection.                


_Notes on authorization and upgrading:_                                     


Please note the remarks on the same topic made in SIMATIC S7 User Informa-  

tion 1997/13/005.                                                           


A new authorization is generated upon upgrading. Details are contained in   

the Product Information. The authorization diskette of the upgrade package  

contains only the 14-day emergency authorization. Users who upgrade from    

V3.0 to V3.1 require no new authorization for the update to V3.2.           


The STEP 7 authorization diskette (single and copy license) is a (yellow)   

multi-authorization diskette. In addition to the STEP 7 authorization, this 

diskette can also contain authorizations for the following optional pack-   

ages: CFC, S7-SCL, S7-Graph, S7-HiGraph, S7-PLCSIM, S7-PDIAG, Teleservice,  

NETRO, DOCPRO, M7-ProC/C+ +.                                                



You can obtain the update from STEP 7 V3.x to V3.2 either from your SIMATIC 

contact at your local Siemens office (at a nominal fee), or you can load it 

free of charge from the Internet under the same address as the SIMATIC User 









If you wish to upgrade from STEP 7 or STEP 7 Mini, versions 1.x and 2.1 to  

3.2, please order the appropriate upgrade package from your SIMATIC contact 

at your local Siemens office.                                               


_New system prerequisites for STEP 7 V3.2:_                                 


Operating system:            Win 95 or Win NT V4.0                          

CPU:                         486 or Pentium                                 

RAM:                         32 Mbytes or more recommended for Win 95       

                             64 Mbytes or more recommended for Win NT       

                             (cache preferred)                              

Hard disk requirements:      100 to 140 Mbytes for STEP 7                   

                             (depending on the language version)            

                             + approx. 80 Mbytes for the Windows swap area. 


_Form of supply:_                                                           


The set of diskettes for STEP 7 V3.2 comprises approx. 60 diskettes. We     

therefore urgently recommend using a CD ROM as transport medium. We expect  

that from version 4 onward, STEP 7 will be supplied on CD ROM only. The up- 

grading of your programming device with a CD ROM drive not only allows you  

to install the current version more conveniently, it will also become a     

necessity in the future.                                                    


We can offer the following means of upgrading:                              


CD ROM upgrade kit for all existing PG 740 programming devices              

Catalog No.:     6ES7 740-0AA00-1XA0                                        

We recommend that the upgrade be carried out by a Siemens Service Dept.     


External CD ROM drive (incl. accessories) for operation on the parallel     

port of all PGs/PCs, 6x speed                                               

Catalog No.:     6ES7 740-0AA02-1XA0                                        


Your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office will answer any more      

questions you may have.                                                     




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