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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4333963, Entry date: 10/06/1997

PG 760 Programming Device - Now with New Hardware and Software

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Concerns the product with Catalog No.:                                      


6ES7 760-4AC41-1YB0   PG 760, P 166, 32 Mbytes, 5 languages                 



_The most important new features:_                                          


- Pentium microprocessor with 200 MHz clock frequency.                      

- Doubling of the hard disk capacity from 1.6 Gbytes to 3.2 Gbytes and      

  standard second-level cache of 256 Kbytes.                                

- 16x CD ROM drive.                                                         


_The PG 760 is supplied with the following software:_                       


- STEP 7 V3.2 (Windows '95)                                                 

- STEP 5 V7.0                                                               

- STEP 7 Micro/WIN V2.0                                                     

- STEP 7 Micro/DOS V1.3                                                     

- Windows '95 OSR2 (Windows '95b)                                           


_The scope of supply also includes:_                                        


- MPI cable (5 m) for connection to SIMATIC S7/M7/C7.                       

- PG to PLC cable (5 m) for connection to SIMATIC S5.                       

- Power cable.                                                              

- Product information (in 5 languages).                                     

- STEP back-up CD (STEP 7, STEP 7 Micro/DOS/WIN, STEP 5, hardware manual).  

- Adapter diskette for re-installation.                                     

- Authorization diskettes.                                                  


For information about the new versions of the programming software please   

see the following SIMATIC S7 User Infos:                                    


STEP 7 V3.2 (Windows '95)    No. 1997/13/016                                

STEP 5 V7.0                  No. 1997/14/004                                

STEP 7 Micro/WIN V2.0        No. 1997/13/013                                

STEP 7 Micro/DOS V1.3        No. 1997/13/006                                


The PG 760 programming device is contained in the 1998 ST 50 Catalog and    

in the 10/97 CA 01 Interactive Catalog on CD ROM.                           




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