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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4342490, Entry date: 07/27/1998

SIMATIC PGs and PCs - Product Information

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES7740-3AC11-0YB0    PG 740,P133, TFT, CD-ROM, 5 languages                 

6ES7643-0DK10-0AX0    SIMATIC PC RI25                                       

6ES7643-1EL30-0AX0    SIMATIC PC RI45                                       

6ES7645-0BA10-0AA0    SIMATIC PC FI25, version 1                            

6ES7645-1CK10-0AE0    SIMATIC PC FI25, version 2                            

6ES7740-5AC43-1YC0    PG 740,P200, 12.1"TFT, CD, 5 languages                

6ES7740-5AC43-1YC3    PG 740,P200, 12.1"TFT, CD, 5 languages                

6ES7740-6AC43-1YC0    PG 740,P 233 MMX, 12.1"TFT, CD                        



During one of our usability tests which we carry out continuously even after

product shipment has commenced, we observed a reproducible memory problem   

which occurs in a combination between RAM socket, RAM IC and processor power

supply. The problem manifests itself by frequent program failures or program

blockages which occur primarily under Windows NT.                           


SIMATIC programming devices and PCs with serial no.'s as listed below may   

be affected:                                                                


Product     Catalog No.             Serial No.'s (Production period)        


PG 740      6ES7 740-5AC43-1YC3     J9- to K5-                              

RI 25       6ES7 643-0DK10-0AX0     J9- to K5-                              

RI 45       6ES7 643-1EL30-0AX0     J9- to K5-                              

FI 25 V1    6ES7 645-0BA10-0AA0     J9- to K5-                              

FI 25 V2    6ES7 645-1CK10-0AE0     J9- to K5-                              


Production period:                                                          


The 1st digit of the serial no. specifies the year and the 2nd digit the    

month of manufacture.                                                       

J = 1997                                                                    

K = 1998                                                                    

1 = January                                                                 

2 = February                                                                

3 = March                                                                   

4 = April                                                                   



If the above problem should occur in a SIMATIC PG or PC produced in one of  

the periods listed above, please speak to your SIMATIC contact at your      

local Siemens office. Repairs of units where the problem has not manifested 

itself up to now are not necessary.                                         




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