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SIMATIC C7-623, C7-623/A, C7-624 - New CPU Firmware V201

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If the function "Copy RAM to ROM ..." is executed, the C7 CPU will request  

an overall reset after the first OFF/ON cycle. If the overall reset is      

carried out the problem will not occur with any later OFF/ON cycles.        

SIM 627, 628 and 629 kits are available for correction.  *See Full Version* 


Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES7 623-1AE01-0AE3    SIMATIC C7-623  control system                       

6ES7 623-1CE01-0AE3    SIMATIC C7-623/A  control system                     

6ES7 624-1AE01-0AE3    SIMATIC C7-624  control system                       



_Reason for the change:_                                                    


- After loading the STEP 7 program the programming device, PC or UD700 unit 

  performs the function "Copy RAM to ROM ..." .                             

- Upon the next OFF/ON cycle of the SIMATIC C7 (supply voltage OFF and ON)  

  the unit will request an overall reset. This is indicated by the red LED  

  with the label SF and the flashing LED with the label STOP.               

- If the overall reset is performed, the unit will start up without         

  problems, until the function "Copy RAM to ROM ..." is executed again.     




If the following procedure is carried out, the problem will not influence   

normal operation:                                                           

Each time the function "Copy RAM to ROM ..." is executed, switch the unit   

OFF and ON and perform the requested overall reset.                         




The new CPU firmware V201 eliminates the problem.                           


Please speak to your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office about     



_Affected products:_                                                        


The above SIMATIC C7 units with revision levels of the basic board as lis-  

ted below and CPU firmware V200 are affected. The current firmware version  

is displayed in the STEP 7 manager under Module Condition. The revision     

level of the basic board (GRBG) can be seen on the type label on the rear   

side of the unit.                                                           


Type         Catalog No.           Revision level of       Revision level   

                                   basic board (GRBG)      after correction 


C7-623       6ES7623-1AE01-0AE3    GRBG = 7 and GRBG = 9      GRBG = 10     

C7-623/A     6ES7623-1CE01-0AE3    GRBG = 1 and GRBG = 2      GRBG = 3      

C7-624       6ES7624-1AE01-0AE3    GRBG = 7 and GRBG = 9      GRBG = 10     




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