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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4346170, Entry date: 12/21/1998

PCS 7 Process Control System - New Version 4.02

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


OS *)                                                                       

6ES7 652-2BA02-0YX0,    OS desktop plus PROFIBUS                            

6ES7 652-2BB02-0YX0,    OS desktop plus Industrial Ethernet                 

6ES7 652-2AA02-0YX0,    OS IPC plus Profibus                                

6ES7 652-2AB02-0YX0,    OS IPC plus Industrial Ethernet                     

6ES7 652-3BA02-0YX0,    OS desktop server PROFIBUS                          

6ES7 652-3BB02-0YX0,    OS desktop server Industrial Ethernet               

6ES7 652-3AA02-0YX0,    OS server IPC PROFIBUS                              

6ES7 652-3AB02-0YX0,    OS server IPC Industrial Ethernet                   

6ES7 652-3CB02-0YX0,    OS server Primergy                                  

6ES7 652-4BX02-0YX0,    OS operator terminal desktop                        

6ES7 652-4AX02-0YX0,    OS operator terminal IPC                            


6ES7 652-2BA02-0AX0,    OS desktop plus PROFIBUS                            

6ES7 652-2BB02-0AX0,    OS desktop plus Industrial Ethernet                 

6ES7 652-2AA02-0AX0,    OS IPC plus PROFIBUS                                

6ES7 652-2AB02-0AX0,    OS IPC plus Industrial Ethernet                     

6ES7 652-3BA02-0AX0,    OS desktop server PROFIBUS                          

6ES7 652-3BB02-0AX0,    OS desktop server Industrial Ethernet               

6ES7 652-3AA02-0AX0,    OS server IPC PROFIBUS                              

6ES7 652-3AB02-0AX0,    OS server IPC Industrial Ethernet                   

6ES7 652-3CB02-0AX0,    OS server Primergy                                  

6ES7 652-4BX02-0AX0,    OS operator terminal desktop                        

6ES7 652-4AX02-0AX0,    OS operator terminal IPC                            


OS software                                                                 

6ES7 658-1XX02-0YC0,    OS software stand alone                             

6ES7 658-2XX02-0YC0,    OS software server                                  

6ES7 658-3XX02-0YC0,    OS software terminal                                

6ES7 658-4XX02-0YC0,    OS software engineering                             



6ES7 651-1BA02-0AX0,    ES desktop PROFIBUS, German                         

6ES7 651-1BA02-0BX0,    ES desktop PROFIBUS, English                        

6ES7 651-1BA02-0CX0,    ES desktop PROFIBUS, French                         

6ES7 651-1BB02-0AX0,    ES desktop Industrial Ethernet, German              

6ES7 651-1BB02-0BX0,    ES desktop Industrial Ethernet, English             

6ES7 651-1BB02-0CX0,    ES desktop Industrial Ethernet, French              


6ES7 651-8XX01-0YD0,    ES engineering toolset                              



The PCS 7 process control system is now available with the new version      



Overview of the new functions:                                              



- New AS 414 hardware, new firmware for AS 416                              

- New SFC 14/15 for PROFIBUS PA                                             

- Expanded STEP 7 V4.02 (also for older CPUs)                               

- FM 355 controller incl. faceplate                                         

- Introduction of DP-PA link and DP-PA coupler                              

- Introduction of HART analog input module (300 series)                     

- Driver for 32 DI/DO 24 V DC: 6ES7 321/2-1BL...                            

- Driver for selected central I/O modules                                   

  (400 series) as per current catalog                                       

- Driver for 16 DI 24 V DC: 6ES7 421-7BH00-0AB0                             

- Homogeneous S5-95F links via FB and faceplate                             

- 4-MByte RAM submodule as load memory for AS416-2 (1600)                   


System bus                                                                  

- Mapping with TCP/IP                                                       


ES / OS-systems                                                             

- New IPC (333 MHz, 256-MByte RAM, EIDE disk), new Primergy 470             

- For the first time: PCS7 CD ROM: OS software and ES software              

- SCL V4.0                                                                  

- DOCPRO V3.02                                                              

- Chipcard + Password simultaneously (electronic signature)                 



- Support of variable type "String"                                         

- Operator dialog                                                           

- AF also in OS                                                             


PCS 7 DataWarehouse                                                         



Multiple selection of all data storage types transparently accessible       

(circulating data buffer, long-term data storage, Sybase, dBase, and        




English version                                                             

Capability of iteration of phases in Batch Flexible, partial messages to    

new SAP variables (Storage location and Batch for each material, end        

delimiter for material reports and Status of phases)                        



- One single multiauthorization diskette for the entire package             

- Expansion and improvement of the setup                                    


Please speak to your PCS 7 contact at your local Siemens office about       

upgrading of your PCS 7 software.                                           




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