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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 4352431, Entry date: 08/05/1999

SIMATIC S7/M7/C7 Documentation - Product Information

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Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s:                                   


6ES7 998-8XC01-8YE0   SIMATIC Manuals Collection, new                       

6ES7 998-8XC01-8YE2   Update Service, new                                   



In line with the trend to electronic media we will introduce the following  

changes concerning our documentation as per October 1, 1999:                


The electronic documentation on the Internet (http://www.ad.siemens.de/     

simatic-cs) will be free of charge in the future (in PDF format), for down- 

loading or for on-line information. There will be no more charging via the  

SIMATIC Card.                                                               


The electronic documentation on CD ROM:                                     


SIMATIC S7-200 documentation on CD ROM      6ES7 298-8AE00-8YE0             

SIMATIC S7-300 documentation on CD ROM      6ES7 398-8AE00-8YE0             

SIMATIC S7-400 documentation on CD ROM      6ES7 498-8AE00-8YE0             

STEP 7 electronic manuals                   6ES7 813-8BC02-8YE0             

S7 Manual Collection                        6ES7 998-8XC00-8YE0             


will be combined in a SIMATIC Manuals Collection at a considerably reduced  



The CD ROM SIMATIC Manuals Collection (6ES7 998-8XC01-8YE0) contains the    

complete electronic documentation (multilingual) for: S7-200, TD 200,       

S7-300, M7-300, C7, S7-400, M7-400, STEP 7, Engineering Tools, Runtime      

Software, SIMATIC DP, SIMATIC HMI and SIMATIC NET.                          


The Software Update Service will include the current edition of the SIMATIC 

Manuals Collection CD ROM, as well as all subsequent editions in the next   

12 months following the order. We are planning to update the CD ROM at      

quarterly intervals.                                                        


On the other hand, the prices for printed documentation will be increased.  

For details please speak to your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens      





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